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Cultural multispace 1,890 years old

1,890-year-old cultural space in the heart of Rome

The most important discovery of the last 80 years, they claim, was made by Italian archaeologists, who brought to light an impressive cultural multi-site, built by Emperor Hadrian in the heart of Rome, next to Piazza Venezia, and are in the final stretch to open it to the general public.

The building built in 123 A.D. was two-storey, had three halls and had a capacity of 900 seats with gray and yellow marble floors and also marble seats, where spectators had the opportunity to watch poetry recitation, speech and presentation of philosophical theories.

“This is the most important find in Rome since the discovery of imperial markets in the 1920s,” points out archaeologist Rossella Rea.

In the center of the largest hall dominates a large boulder, 9×5 m, which fell from the roof of the building in 848 due to an earthquake, which allowed a hospital to be built on the ruins of the 16th century.

The great archaeological find can be seen for the time being through a hole 5.5 m deep next to the taxi rank in the central Piazza Venezia and next to the monument Vittorio Emmanuele, which the inhabitants of Rome call “cake”.

Excavations began in 2007 on the occasion of the projects for a new Metro line that will cross the city centre, which were recently completed. In fact, it would not have been possible to uncover the multi-site if the Metro projects had not been carried out, as there is no money for such large excavations. Even when the ancients came to light it was estimated that perhaps the last station of the line could not be realized, but in the end the solution of the coexistence of antiquities and Metro was chosen, while it is not excluded that the exit from the station would be carved along the passage used by the Romans to enter the halls of the Indrian cultural center.


Source: tanea.gr



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