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The distinguished astrophysicist Dr. Manos Danezis is our guest on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27 at 11:30 in the morning!

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Manos Danezis was born in Piraeus. He received a degree in Mathematics from the University of Athens (1974).

He prepared his doctoral thesis in Astrophysics at the Observatoire de Paris and presented it to the Physics Department of the University of Athens (1983).

Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Athens, Athens, he is considered one of the most important scholars of the History and Philosophy of Science.

He has worked at the Observatories of Paris and Haute Provence (France), Trieste (Italy), Konkoly (Hungary), Belgrade (Serbia) and Krioneri (Greece).

He is a member of the International Astronomical Union (I.A.U.), the Hellenic Astronomical Society (EL.AS.ET.), the Union of Greek Physicists (E.E.F.) and the Hellenic Mathematical Society (E.M.E.) and has published more than 270 scientific papers in peer-reviewed international journals and proceedings of international conferences in Greece and abroad.

He has produced a great work of writing of 25 books on Physics – Astrophysics History and Philosophy of Positive Sciences and social interest.

The book “The Cosmology of Consciousness – Introduction to Cosmology” was awarded the “Aronis” prize by the University of Athens (2004).

Furthermore, he is the author of 850 scientific articles and articles of social interest in the daily and periodical press.

He was a screenwriter, presenter and scientific editor of 151 scientific documentaries distributed in 7 television series.

Among them, the series “The Universe I Loved” on ET3 which completed 110 half-hour episodes in which – together with Dr. E. Theodosiou – he was the author, presenter and scientific officer.

For this television series he was awarded the “Hellenic-American University prize” at the 1st International Science Film Festival.

These television shows are the educational material of the University Courses “Introduction to Astrophysics” and “History and Philosophy of Natural Sciences (ΙΤΕΤΕΙ and ΙΤΕΕΙΙΙ) and the series “This is how I see the world” which completed 16 half-hour episodes” on ET3 in 2012.

He has been honored by the Union of Greek Physicists for his overall scientific and educational activity.

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