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It’s barbaric.

Barbaric is the good “life” to be humiliated and abused…

It’s barbaric to fight for the obvious.

Barbaric is the unprecedented sense of young people today that they will live worse than their parents.

Barbaric is the future to fantasize like a built window.

It’s barbaric to be let go in order to get a job. Accept unacceptable terms. Having to come to terms with everything you’ve been forced to do before you survive.

Barbaric is what you see in the mirror. Your idol who looks nothing like what you once dreamed of.

Barbaric is the murder of dreams.

Barbaric is the sense of self as “thrown-there”.

Barbaric is a social system that does everything to take you out and then makes you, cares for you or suggests “medicines” to “cure” the suffering that gives birth to you.

Barbaric is the word “dignity” to mark “luxury” or “surplus”. It’s barbaric to be moral.

It’s hardly barbaric to walk around and watch the culture of the grabber and the frenetic dance of millions around you.

Barbaric is the constant reminder of political money.

Barbaric is the regime of peculiar immunity enjoyed by politicians.

It’s barbaric not being able to raise your children to your values, because you’re trembling that they might fail in their lives.

Barbaric is the concept of success as it is now accounted for.

Barbaric is the under-exploitation of childhood. The absence of free time. The disconnect between learning and joy and inspiration.

Barbaric is the serial abuse of the elders who in the west of life are called to “live”, that is to say to die, with hunger pensions.

It’s barbaric to be a stranger in a foreign inhospitable country and try to convince yourself that you’re not an enemy.

Barbaric is the mechanism of making scapegoats, the dictation of imaginary enemies in order to focus on them the sufferings of your own life.

It is barbaric to cultivate and exploit insecurity to create subjects to fear of nationals.

Barbaric is the society of spectacle that strives (uncut) to convince you that what you see on the small screen is worth seeing, and that this sedation is desirable. Violence and war are a daily sight. A form of entertainment.

The sacrifice of human relations under the weight of obligations and responsibilities is barbaric. The sacrifice of thought and creativity in the processing of every day. “To do so. Don’t think. Or I’ll go to waste.” The thought, a hindrance.

It’s barbaric to go out in search of self-destructive distractions in order to make ends meet.

Barbaric is the increase in self-destructive “solutions” that project on the horizon: suicides, depressions, madness, paranoia, alcohol, drugs.

It is barbaric for amnesia to be the only privilege of newborns.

It’s barbaric to sacrifice motherhood, “I want to have children, but how can I raise them?”

Barbaric is the bet of mental health, the ability of love and work to be a distant dream.

Barbaric is the vibrancy of your angry anger transforming into dead apathy or mild and passive despair.

It’s barbaric to have to swallow a chubby frog every morning to get used to the disgust of the day that awaits you.

Barbaric is the inability to find and defend another model of individual existence and collective coexistence.

It is barbaric to regard the invocation of barbarism as populism.

From the award-winning Women’s Literature Prize “EXALEIPTRON” Fotini Tsalikoglou and her book: “The future belongs to surprise”

source: https://exaleiptron.eu/varvaro-ine/


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