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Paulo Coello – Manual of the Warrior of Light

“What’s choking you… It’s not that you’re sinking, it’s that you’re still underwater…”

From “The Handbook of the Warrior of Light” by Paulo Coello.

The Warrior of Light, without wanting to, takes the wrong step and sinks into the abyss…
Ghosts scare him, loneliness torments him. Because he loved The Good Fight, he never thought something like this could happen to him, and yet it happened. Wrapped in darkness, he communicates with his teacher.

“Master, I fell into the abyss…,” he says.”The waters are deep and black.”
-“Remember one thing..”, the teacher replies. “What’s choking you… It’s not that you’re sinking, it’s that you’re still underwater…”
And the Warrior of Light makes every effort to get out of the state in which he is…

Every warrior of the Light betrayed and lied in the past.
Every warrior of the Light took a path that was not his…
Every warrior of the Light hurt someone he loved.
That’s why he’s a warrior of light: because he went through these experiences and didn’t lose hope of becoming better.

A LIGHT WARRIOR studies with great care the position he aims to conquer.
As difficult as his goal is, there’s always a way to overcome obstacles. He verifies the alternative paths, sharpens his sword and tries to fill his heart with the necessary perseverance to face the challenge.
However, as he progresses slowly, the warrior realizes that there are difficulties he did not take into account.

If he stops waiting for the perfect moment, he’ll never get away from that place, a minimal dose of madness is needed to take the next step.
And so the warrior uses a crumb of madness. Because, in war and in love, not everything can be predicted.
The warrior of light believes. Because he believes in miracles, miracles begin to happen. Because he’s confident that his thinking can change his life, his life begins to change. Because he is sure to meet love, love appears.

From time to time, he feels frustrated. Sometimes it hurts.

… But the warrior knows it’s worth the price. For every defeat, he has two conquests to his advantage.
The Warrior of Light hears comments such as:
“I don’t want to talk about certain things because people are envious.”

When he hears that, the warrior laughs. If it is not accepted, envy cannot cause any harm. Envy is part of life and it is necessary for everyone to learn to face it.
Yet he rarely talks about his plans. And sometimes people think he’s afraid of envy.

The Warrior, however, knows that every time he talks about a dream he uses some of the energy of that dream to express himself.
And if he talks about it too much, he runs the risk of wasting all the energy necessary to act.
A Warrior of Light knows the Power of Words…
A warrior of Light cannot always choose the battlefield.
Sometimes he’s taken aback, involved in battles he didn’t want. But it’s futile to run away, because these wars will follow him.
Then, at a time when conflict is almost inevitable, the warrior speaks with his opponent. Without showing fear or manlessness, he tries to find out why the other wants the battle: what it is that prompted him to leave his country and seek him for a duel. Without taking the sword out of his sheath, the warrior convinces him that this battle is none of his business.

A warrior of light hears what the opponent has to say to him. And he only fights when necessary.
There’s always something missing. And the warrior takes advantage of the moments when time stops, to arm himself better.
The warrior of light doesn’t know what darkness means… or calls it the “bright past”...

source: https://exaleiptron.eu/polemistis-tou-fotos/


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