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Europe’s Day

Europe’s Day

On 9 May 1950, French Foreign Minister Robert S!” released a statement calling on Germany, France and other countries to unite their production of coal and steel as “the first concrete foundation of a European federation”. The Siman Declaration, as it is known, is the beginning of the creation of today‘s European Union.

This important event for the creation of a united Europe is celebrated every year on 9 May as Europe Day, with a variety of events aimed at bringing the citizens of the EU Member States closer together.

“Twelve hours for Greece”

In conjunction with Europe Day, a strong message of solidarity in Greece will be sent from the “heart” of the European Union on 9 May through the “12 Hours for Greece” initiative.

The initiative, launched in 2012, aims to improve Greece’s image abroad and to substantially support a number of Greek actions. The initiative is organised and managed by a group of volunteers, Belgians and other European citizens residing in Brussels.

The first event “12 Hours for Greece”, held in the “Al De Scarbek” multi-site on 16 May 2012, brought together over 2,000 citizens of different nationalities and about 10,000 “visitors” watched it directly online.

This year’s second “edition” of the event, which will again take place in “Al De Scarbek” will include projects and ideas that have emerged in Greece, in the context of the crisis and will focus on one of the most important values that Greece has given to Europe and the world, the Republic.

The event will include, among other things, a reading of the State of Plato, which will last 10 hours from 200 readers, an all-day tasting of Greek food and wine, discussions on The Republic, a Greek film festival, an initiation into Greek dances and presentations by the communicator Peter Economides and George Horafas. This will be followed by a concert, attended by the mezzo soprano Alexandra Grava (paying tribute to the 150th anniversary of the birth of K.P. Cavafy) and the artists Laurentis Macheritsa, Miltos Paschalidis, Dimitra Papiou and Dimitris Starovas.

The event will be broadcast “live” around the world, via web streaming.


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