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Ancient Amfiktyonia

Ancient Amfiktyonia

On the occasion of the 3rd Piraeus Amfiktyonia, today Friday, June 7th, a small tribute of “EXALEIPTRON” to ancient Amfiktyonia.

Amfiktyonia or Amfiktonia (Precursor of the League of Nations and the UN), began as a union of neighbouring Greek tribes and later evolved into a Union of Ancient Greek Cities – States, focusing on a sanctuary of common worship.

Initially it was religious in nature and later it developed into a political one (political because, through the oracles, which the oracle gave to the Kings, it managed the political situation and regulated foreign policy. Even the Persians asked the oracle for oracle.)

The etymology of the word “Amfiktyon” denotes the person who lives next door – the neighbor. It comes from the word amphibious and ktoina, which means settlement.

In another version the word comes from Amfiktyon, son of Deukalion and Pyrra, brother of the Greek and grandfather of Triptolemus. Amfiktyon is considered the founder of Amfiktyon.

The main purpose of Amfiktyonia in peacetime was, the development of trade relations and the organization of common holidays, while in times of war, the preservation of the sacred rules of humanism, as well as the making of joint decisions, for defense against a non-Greek hostile force.

The administration of the amphitheatre was exercised by the amphitheatre conference and the amphitheatre church.

The conference consisted of 24 permanent members, the Jerusalems, the Pylagores, a Secretary and a Hierarch.

(Remembers, as the word attests, are the ones who carry the sacred memory. The sacred ancestral memory of the pre-extinction era, i.e. the pre-shock.

Holy memory = the guard in his memory of all that is sacred.

Participants in the ambivalence were connected to each other by vows of true love and piety.

Pylagores – gates + aerate = the five-year-old at the Amfiktyon Congress, the representative of a Greek city.)

“And the forefasers Amphictyons, the Hieronymus, Pylagoric wise men in the mussels of the oracles and in their churches, the unpainted sanctuaries, the pre-flood knowledge from the beginning, articulate with the inextricable symbols, the highly muscular.”

The purpose of the conference was to protect Greece’s common interests, to regulate religious and judicial issues, as well as differences between cities and states.

Amfiktyonia was based, initially the sanctuary of Demeter in Anthili (south of the plain of Lamia), near Thermopylae (Thermai Pylai = narrow similar to a gate, where there were hot springs) and later after the First Holy War, when the Amphiktyons took control of the Sanctuary of Delphi and the games, they met in Anthili in Spring (herini Pylaia) and Delphi in Autumn (Oorini Pylaea).

The first Amphictyonies were:

Delphic Amfiktyonia in Delphi.

(Delphi from Delphi = matrix in which embryonic ideas develop that lead people to more moral and more correctional conduct. Delphi is related to the Omphi, from which the word navel is derived, which is why Delphi = navel of the earth.)

Twelve Greek tribes participated in the Amfiktyon Congress. The Thessalians, the Boeots (dominated by Thebes), the Dorians (dominated by Sparta), the Ionians (dominated by Athens), the Perraives, the Magnies, the Lokroi, the Oitaians, the Achaeans, the Phokes, the Dolepes and the Malians.

Of Anthili dedicated to Dimitra,

The Graics of Epirus dedicated to Zeus,

Calabria (Poros) dedicated to Poseidon, which consisted of seven cities. Epidaurus, Hermione, Aegina, Athens, Nafplia, Prasis, and Minios Orchomenos,

Delos, dedicated to Apollo.

During the Roman years the pan-Hellenic radiation of the institution of Amfiktyonia decreased and later Emperor Hadrian founded a new organization of unity of the Greeks, Panhellenic.

Nana Latsi

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