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Written by: Nana Latsi

“Mrs. Lent” which nowadays tends to disappear,

(some teachers who have a taste in schools make it together with the students) was the Queen of fasting forty days.

A custom that you used to encounter all over Greece and according to data from our folklore, Mrs. Lent was used as a calendar that measured the weeks of The Great Lent until Easter.

In most areas it was a paper drawing and in others a doll of pasta.

It depicted a woman with a cross on her head, symbolised by the church, crossed hands because of the forty-day prayer, without a mouth because the mouth was sealed due to fasting and with seven feet.

Each leg symbolized a week and every Saturday they cut one until they reached the Big Saturday.

The latter folded it well and hid it in a dry fig and mixed it with other dried figs.

Whoever found it was considered lucky and brought him luck.

This is the story of Mrs. Lent’s custom.


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It’s barbaric.

Barbaric is the good “life” to be humiliated and abused… It’s barbaric to fight for the obvious. Barbaric is the unprecedented sense of young people

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