From our Event at the Monetary Museum

On Sunday, October 22nd, the event of our Group was held with great success and great response from the public in collaboration with the Epigraphic and Monetary Museum “A New More Substantial Meeting of Man with the Universe”, within the framework of the Communication Action Environment and Culture “Wind Breaths”.
Keynote speaker is Astrophysicist Dr. Manos Danezis, Member of the College of Emeritus Professors of the Kapodistrian University of Athens and rapporteur Angeliki Arvanitopoulou (MS clinical psychology, University of Indianapolis Harvard edx), Curator in the Department of Mental Health of “EXALIPTRON”.

Astrophysicist Dr. Manos Danezis during his speech.

The event was opened by the Founder and President of “EXALEIPTRON” Rona Latsi.

Greeting from the Director of the Epigraphic & Monetary Museum Dr. Giorgos Kakavas.

The Mental Health Consultant and Curator of the Group at the time of its Introduction.

With the Vice-Register of the Islands Panagiotis Hatzipero.

With former Deputy Mayor and current Municipal Councillor of the Municipality of Piraeus Melina Seaweed & Communicator – Secretary General of the Giuseppe Sciacca International Awards at the Vatican Dr. Vicky Bfatakis.

With obstetrician – Gynecologist, Curator of the Department of Science of “EXALEIPTRON” Elena Volika – Papastafidas & the Music Composer Giorgos Volikas.

We warmly thank the Director of the Monetary Museum Dr. Georgios Kakavas for the cooperation and concession of the Hesperides Hall of Ilio Melathros, as well as the Administrative and Prison staff of the Museum.
Thank you for honoring us with their presence, the Vice-Register of the Islands Panagiotis Hatzipero, the former Deputy Mayor and current Municipal Councillor of the Municipality of Piraeus Melina Seaweed, Dr. Vicky Bafasakis Communicator and Secretary General of the International Awards Giuseppe Sciacca in the Vatican, the Visual Former Professor and President of the Department of Sound and Image Arts of the Ionian University Marianna Strapatsaki, the Obstetrician Gynecologist Elena Papastafida – Volika Curator , the composer Giorgos Volikas, the members, as well as all the friends and friends who flooded the halls of the Museum.
Finally, we warmly thank the amazing photographer Petros Papapetros for the offer of the photo shoot to the Group.

Founder & President Ns
an’a Latsi

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