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Hypocritical Art Courses 2014

The “EXALEIPTRON” Group starts a new course for 2014.

Dear friends of the Group, those of you interested in participating in the courses, you can contact us at 6909835661, until February 14th.

The courses are aimed at women between the ages of 18 and 45.

The art of acting is approached in the light of beauty and truth, as defined by the world’s greatest teacher, K. Stanislavski.

Acting lessons on the Stanislavski method include, among others:

Improvisation and exercises.

The method of physical actions.

Activate the “magic if” and approach the uncontrollable cluster of emotions.

Analysis of the role through events and actions.

Attracting creative imagination and emotional memory.


Stanislavski, who turned acting into the science of theatrical art,

he singled out those who care about her in two categories: “They are the ones who are reborn in the atmosphere of art and those who are reborn in the off-stage atmosphere”. In other words, there are those who need to express themselves creatively through art and those who want the lights and the background.

The “Method”, as Stanislavsky’s method is known worldwide, requires discipline, morals, consistency, passion, giving and a sense of collegiality, which is the basis of theatrical art.

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