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The Bracelet of March

If you wore it in March, don’t forget to leave it in the roses.

Let the swallows take him to build their nest.

March or March is an ancient custom, with a Balkan diaspora. It is believed to have its roots in Ancient Greece, namely the Eleusinian Mysteries. The mystics of the Eleusini Mysteries tied a thread, Kroki, to their right hand and left leg.

From March 1st to March 31st, children wear a wristband on the wrist of their hand, made of twisted white and red thread, in March or March. According to popular tradition, March protects children’s faces from the first spring sun, so they don’t burn. They make him on the last day of February and wear him on the first day of March, before they leave the house.

In some areas March is worn on the big toe like a ring so that its owner doesn’t stumble. They take this wristband off at the end of the month, or leave it on the roses when they see the first swallow, so the birds can take it and build their nest.


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It’s barbaric.

Barbaric is the good “life” to be humiliated and abused… It’s barbaric to fight for the obvious. Barbaric is the unprecedented sense of young people

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