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Second Women Awards EXALEIPTRON 2015

Honoring eight modern Caryatids

On the day of International Women’s Day, on March 8th, the Piraeus Women’s Group “EXALEIPTRON” honored eight modern caryatids – eight leading female personalities.

In a climate of intense emotion, the award ceremony took place for the second year in a row, in the Atrium of the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus, in a full, light-hearted hall.
The event was presented by The Communicator & Secretary General of the Giuseppe Sciacca International Awards, Dr. Vicky Bafataki, winner of the Culture Award at the first Women’s Awards “EXALEIPTRON” 2014.

Opening the event, the President of “EXALEIPTRON” said, among other things: “We chose International Women’s Day to award the awards, in remembrance and as a tribute to those simple women who, on March 8, 1857, stood up in New York protesting against injustice, inhuman working conditions and bandit pay.
Thanks to the timeless, continuous and ongoing struggles we can today award prizes to special women.”


The Awards were received (in order of award):

The world-renowned dr. Vaso Episkopou, Doctor of Columbia University in New York, Professor of Developmental Biology – Neurobiology- Geneticist, received the Science Award 2015, stating: “I am honored to receive the award, an opportunity to encourage and inspire young women.”
The prize was awarded by Dr. Seuss. Argyris Efstratiadis.


The Culture Award was received by Dr. Dora Giannitsis, Doctor of Historical Sciences of Moscow State University, Actor and President of the Moscow Centre for Greek Culture, who expressed her deep gratitude to the Greek public in Moscow. The prize was awarded by the Mayor of Piraeus Giannis Moralis.


The Music Award was given to the internationally renowned Soprano, Sonia Theodoridou and awarded by the Vice-President of the Greek Parliament Nikitas Kaklamanis. Mr. Kaklamanis called Ms. Theodoridou “… generally speaking-greatest Greek soprano after Maria Callas…”. The great soprano said “I feel like all the effort and effort is rewarded.”


Professor and Author of Maritime History Gelina Charlauti received the Maritime Tradition Award. Her message to young women is “Go ahead!”


The Theatre Award was received by such a special actress Peggy Trikalioti. The award was awarded by the director Petros Zoulias. The actress known for her ethos said: “I’m just playing… this is my life.”


The Prize for Literature was given to Rena Rossi-Zairi, writer-translator, who urged the world and young writers to keep the young child alive inside them. The award was awarded by the actor and writer Mr. Costas Krommydras.


The Sports Award was received by Maria Polyzou, champion and endurance road coach. The prize was awarded by Olympic
Gold Medalist Demosthenes Tabakos. We’re a soul first, he said.

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Award was given to Fani Argyropoulou, co-owner of Pieria Eratini & Blink Wines, oenologist, columnist, entrepreneur. Ms. Argyropoulou said there is a place for Greek wine in the best international restaurants. The award was awarded by the President of the EVEP & ESE, Vasilis Korkidis, who stressed that Greek women hold the lead in the field of entrepreneurship!

Mr. Korkidis donated to Fani Argyropoulou and the “EXALEIPTRON” Group, from a commemorative plaque with the Kirekion, emblem of Hermes.


The event was honored with the presence of: the Mayor of Piraeus Giannis Moralis, the Vice-President of the Greek Parliament Nikitas Kaklamanis, the Member of Parliament for Piraeus and the Islands, Mr. Kostas Katsafados, the Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Culture, Mrs. Irene Daifa, Fleet Chief Vice Admiral P.N. Georgios Yakumakis, the Commander of the School of Naval Cadets Rear Admiral Georgios Leventis PN, the President of the Association of Apostates SMYN Mr. Sfaktios Eleftherios, the Follower of the Russian Federation in Athens on Culture, Mr. Pyotr Kubrikov, the Economic Advisor of the Russian Embassy, Mr. Valery Nikolayev, dr. Argyris Efstratiadis, The Professor of the University of Panteio Mary Zilemenos, the Olympic Gold Medalist Demosthenis Tabakos, the President of the EBEP & ESE Vassilis Korkidis, the Maestro Thodoros Orphanides, the director Petros Zoulias, the actor and writer Mr. Costas Krommydras, the director and journalist Angelos Ironatos, the author and researcher of Maritime History Kristy Emilio Ioannidos, awarded at the Women’s Awards “EXALIPTRON”2014 with the “NAVAL PRODUCTION AWARD”, the visual artist Dimitra Lampretsa, the composer and soloist Zoe Pankuria, the journalist and theatrical producer Rula Hamou, the Representative of Greek-American Friendship Mr. Stefanos Mousouras, UNESCO Greece’s representative Mrs. Maria Dimitriadis, Mrs. Vaso Ganotopoulou from the Association of People with Diabetes, the businesswoman Mrs. Tina Shortou, winner of the 2014 Women’s Business Award, the head of Signature Travel, ms. Maria Alifragki, from the Academy of Arms, Mr. Stefanos Scarmintzos, members and friends of the Group.

We thank them all very much.






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