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Visit to the floating Maritime Battleship Museum "Georgos Averof"


Floating Maritime Museum Battleship “Georgos Avero
f” Athenian Trieris “Olympias”

Dear members, friends and friends, on Sunday, July 12, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. we invite you to visit and tour the ship “Legend” in the diamond of our Navy.
Come back in time, travel through history and live an unexpected experience on board the ship that didn’t lose a single battle, at the Floating Maritime Battleship Museum “Georgos Averof”.
A century of Greek history and it stands high.
After visiting Averof, we have a surprise for you.
We will visit right next to The Floating, the Athenian Triri “Olympias”.
The tour of the triris will be carried out by the friend of our Group and awarded with the Prize “EXALIPTRON” of Maritime Tradition author and researcher of Maritime History, Krissy Emilio Ioannidos.
The modern three-year-old Olympia was built according to the standards of the ancient Athenian triers.
Please inform us of your participation by Thursday evening at tel: 690.9835.661 in order to disclose the exact number of people in the Floating Museum and for any information.
Note: Ladies avoid heels, it will be preferable more comfortable footwear.
Battleship is located on Poseidon Avenue in Flisvos Marina, with bus stop “Oulen” and with tram stop “Trocantero”

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