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Fani Argyropoulou – Women’s Entrepreneurship Award


Fani Argyropoulou

Women’s Entrepreneurship Award

Co-owner of Pieria Eratini & Blink Wines, oenologist, columnist, entrepreneur, who, despite her young age, managed with her innovative idea
s and actions, to put Greek wine in the best restaurants of New York and Las Vegas.
She was bor
n in France and lived in Greece. He studied at Panteion University Political Science and History. He attended the Sorbonne and did Postgraduate Studies at the OIV World Wine and Vine Organization.
He travelled and studied at the universities of Davis in California, and at the University of Adelaide in Australia, while at the same time travelling to the “Great Vineyards of the World” such as California, Oregon, Australia, South America, New Zealand, China, Japan and of course throughout Europe.

After her studies, she lived for 2 years in Bordeaux where she worked in local producers on exports and the development of wine tourism. (2008-2010). Wine Mosaic participated in France, a project aimed at preserving and highlighting the indigenous vine varieties of the Mediterranean. (2009
)He teaches Oinology and Tasting and at the same time writes about wine.

She is co-founder of the Wine Project “VinifyMe Project”, which aims to educate and inform the young public about wine, the acquaintance of the Greek and foreign Vine
yard but also, the beginning of a dialogue between the people of Tast
e, acting as a platform of reflection and investigation.With her father P
avlos Argyropoulos and the oenologist Andreas Panto founded the Winery Pier
ia Eratini and the company Blink Wines Co-owner of the Estate Pieria Eratini , deals with the field of communication, strategic planning and sal
es. , with openings in the markets of America, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and soon Australia.
Faith and love in its subject matter, personal commitment to the dissemination of Greek wine outside our borders, give it inspiration to innovate.
It is no coincidence that her articles convey memories and wine flavors, as a special element of the life and culture of society.


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