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The Sixth Women’s Awards “EXALEIPTRON” 2019

On Saturday, March 30th at the Palace of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Piraeus E.B.E.P. our Group honored eight women.

Eight ancient Caryatids were offered-rightly- in the hands of eight modern Caryatids.

They offered to honor them for their work, their struggle, for young people to acquire role models, but also to awaken some out there that women can and are “VALUES”.

Science Award received by distinguished Greek scientist, Neurobiology Researcher at the Pasteur Institute in Paris – Doctor of the University of Sorbonne “Pierre and Marie Curie”, Fani Koukoulis.

The award was awarded by the Professor of Nuclear and Particle Physics, Department of Physics, EKPA – Director, Institute of Accelerated Systems and Applications (ISE) of the EKPA and NTUA, Principal Scientist, Experimental Physics Department, CERN, Friday Wasp.

The Culture Award was received by Professor of Classical Studies and Director of the New Greek and Literature Program of Boston University, –founder of the “Summer School of Modern Greek Language” and founder of the “Philellinon Organization” of B.U. Kelly Polychroniou.

The prize was awarded by the Mayor of Piraeus, Giannis Moralis.

The Theatre Award was received by the Italian director, screenwriter, producer, writer, Ilaria Borrlli.

The award was awarded by the Vice-Chancellor of Economic Planning and Development at Panteion University Professor Nikos Leandros.

The Music Award was received by the internationally recognized Greek conductor abroad, Maria Makrakis.

The prize was awarded by the Chief Musician – Conductor of the National Opera, Elias Voudouris.

The Prize for Letters was received by the Author of Historical Novels Philomila Lapata.

The prize was awarded by the Director of the Museum of the City of Athens, Stefanos Kavalierakis.

The Maritime Award was received by the President – CEO of Stavros Daifas Maritime Corporation S.A – Municipal Councillor of Culture of the Municipality of Piraeus and President of the Piraeus Maritime Club, Irene Daifa.

The award was awarded by the President of the Naval Chamber of Greece, George P father.

The Sports Award was received by the World Water Polo Champion, Captain of the Olympic Women’s Polo Team, Filio Manolioudakis.

The prize was awarded by the Journalist – Marathon runner, Nikos Armmenis.

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Award was received by the Entrepreneur – Fashion Designer of the haute couture house TRANOULIS FASHION, inspiration of the movement “TAKE ME HOME”, Athena Tranoulis.

The award was awarded by the President of the Propeller Club Giorgos Xyadakis.

We warmly thank the Journalist-Writer Maria Panagopoulou-Chardavella for the very successful presentation of the Awards.

We were honored with their presence:The Mayor of Piraeus Giannis Moralis,

The Member of Parliament for Piraeus and the Islands of Costas Katsafados,

the Vice-Register of the Islands Takis Hatziperos,

the Deputy Mayor and Curator of the Science Department of our Group, Nna Harvalakou – Honey,

former Regional Governor and Candidate MP Spyros Spyridon,

journalist and candidate MP Costas Chardavellas,

the Candidate in the Region of Piraeus Elena Papastafida – Volika, Curator of our Group of Science,

the Representative of the Commander of the School of Naval Trials, Commander Eleni Moutsitsou,

the Curator of Art of the Piraeus Association and Candidate Municipal Councillor Georgios Douzas,

the Candidate Municipal Councillor Hellas Verrikaki,

the Candidate Community Advisor and Curator of the Science Department of our Group Christina Vathia,

Candidate Municipal Councillor Eleni Yosma.

The director Takis Tsamargias and the actress Kate Konstantinou, the painter Santi Nikolarea, the poet Despina Blastropoulou, the composer Giorgos Volikas, the historian Stefanos Scarmintzos,

Lions Club Founder Helen Keller Voula Sarantaris, President of the Hellenic-Eurasian Association of Xenophon Lambrakis, from the Association of Women of Crete and aegean islands G.G. Anna Daskalaki and the Board of Directors Maria Kydonaki – Dear, from the Association I embrace Rena Dariotis Candidate Community Councillor and entrepreneur Andrianopoulos – Daskalakis.

Near us are the winners of previous years Vicky Bfatakis, Kristi Emilio Ioannidos, Danai Bezantaku, Jenny Arsenis, Lila De Chavez.

I warmly thank the Curators of the Group Of Nika Harvalakou-Glyka, Christina Vathia, Nicole Canvas and Elena Papastafida-Volika as well as the members Litsa Tselekidou and Ethel Kontos.

We warmly thank all the friends who honored us with their presence and you dear friends who traveled to be with us!!!

The awards were designed exclusively for “EXALEIPTRON” and are an original creation and offer of the extremely talented Sculptor Dimitris Kostas.

We warmly thank the Board of Directors of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and in particular the President, Mr. Vassilis Korkidis, for the concession of the Hall Georgios Kasimatis.

The Homer Educational Group and the responsible teachers who worked with the students and we enjoyed the wonderful dishes they offered us as well as the students, the wonderful girls who helped in the award, Nancy Pappas, Marilena Lignou and Nastasia Loupaskou.

We would like to thank the audiovisual company Earthview for covering the event.

Thanks for the photo shoot Vassilis Koutroumanos KOUTROUMANOS PHOTO PRESS




the jewelry store VOURAKIS VAS. Josef

Hair Styling Panagiotis Keladi

Nanarris Flowers Florist – and Tsipouro Daraios.

Thank you to the Contact Sponsor: Piraeus Channel One 90.4

The founder & president

Nana Latsi



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