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Stolen Sunshines – Book Presentation

From the presentation of the book “Stolen Sunshines” by Maria Panagopoulou, made by our Group in collaboration with the publications “Ocean” on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at Café Bar Belle Amie in Piraeus with great success. (We delayed publishing due to a problem on our page). We warmly thank the author and friend Maria Panagopoulou who made the first presentation of her book with our Group. Thank you for honoring us with their presence and talking about the book: Antonis Andrikakis journalist, radio producer, playwright, lyricist, the presenter and one of the most experienced programme directors and editor-in-chief of Greek television Xena Kutzelini, the composer, singer, deputy mayor of culture, cultural policy, the promotion of antiquities, cultural institutions and events in the Municipality of Moschato-Taurus Aki Degimo who traveled us to other Sunshines with his wonderful voice. Thank you very much for their presence, the MP Vassilis Spanakis, the deputy mayor of the Municipality of Piraeus and curator of the science sector of our Group Anna Harvalakou, the deputy mayor of the Municipality of Piraeus journalist news presenter Andrianna Zarakelis, the Deputy Mayor of Culture Ilios Giorgos Fragakis, the President of the Municipal Council of paleo Faliros Nikos Chrysoverides, the municipal councillor of the Municipality of Paleo Faliros Konstantinos Chardavellas, the former MP The director Vania Vlachodimitropoulos, the actress Theodora Papaioannou, the pianist Giorgos Volikas. The well-known journalist Costas Chardavella. The authors Menio Sakellaropoulos, Philomela Lapata, Venice Pitsiladi Suart, Spyros Petroulakis, Penelope Kourtzis, Dimitra Ioannou, Youli Tsakalou, Maria Papadakis, Eleftheria Metaxa, Gerakina Burika, Penny Papadakis, Katerina Koutoukaki, Katerina Sweet and the poet Despina Blastropoulou. The president of the sailability hellas club Kiki Ventouri Serfa. From the ocean editions Maria Koukouvinou and Menia Pantolea. The curators of “EXALEIPTRON” Elena Volika and Nicole Canvas. Photographer Manos Yaberakis. From the social newspaper Piraeus the reporter Dimitris Cretikos. Popi Xofakis and Alexandros Ferropoulos from bookia.gr The Star Channel crew and xena kutzelini’s people. Finally, we warmly thank all the friends who were close to us and filled the room with suffocation.    
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