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The Awarded by EXALEIPTRON enchanted under the August moon

Special moments were experienced on The evening of Sunday 26/08/2018 in the light of the August Full Moon, female personalities from Greece and abroad, in the “SY MEETING” – call of the Group “EXALEIPTRON”, held in Salty – NS in the picturesque Microliman of Piraeus, on the occasion of the completion of five (5) years of the INSTITUTION OF THE WOMEN’S AWARDS “EXALEIPTRON”.

The initiative for the event – meeting was held by the founder – president of the Group, Nana Latsi, actress & director in order to celebrate the birthday of the five years of the institution and to get to know among him the winners of all years.

The evening rolled into a particularly happy, warm, friendly atmosphere, during which friendships were formed between distinguished women and a meaningful dialogue was developed, (inspired proposals and plans to be implemented) that will yield partnerships, collaborations and actions, through the Group in the near future, aiming on the one hand to promote – promote our country and its people at home and abroad , on the other hand, the promotion and promotion of Culture.

The meeting was attended by:

Vicky Bfataki (Culture Award 2014), Kristi Emilio Ioannidos (Naval Tradition Award 2014), Vaso Episkopou (Science Award 2015),

Dora Giannitsis (Culture Award 2015), Anastasia Reve (Theatre Award 2016), Marianna Strapatsaki (Prize for the Art of New Media 2016),

Paschalia Travlou (Literature Prize 2016),Danai Bezantaku (Women’s Prize. Entrepreneurship), Jenny Arsenis (Theatre Award 2017),

Eleni Polychronopoulou (Women’s Award) Entrepreneurship 2017), Vera Messini (Volunteer Award), Nefeli Mousoura (Music Award 2018), Dorothea Ioannou (Marine Award 2018) and Olympic Champion Olga Vasdekis (Sports Award 2018).

Women, dynamic, self-enlightened, able to !!!!

“Fifteen unique and united Women’s Personalities for Culture”

Dear winners, my friends… it was a great honor for ‘EXALEIPTRON’ and  me personally your response, knowing that most of you have overcome yourself in order to participate in this “MEETING”.

Some of you traveled from abroad and some of you interrupted the holidays and came back the same night or the next day. This moves me unimaginably and I thank you from the inside of my heart.

You’ve given me a wonderful evening, and I’m still warmed by your hugs and kisses!!!!

I thank all of you special ladies for their full support for the Group and the institution of the awards with our future cooperation!

Thank you, sweet Danai Bezantaku, for having had the idea of this evening through our discussions!

Thank you, my dear Lila De Chavez (Culture Award 2018) for your invitation!

All of you be well!!!!

I would also like to thank all sixteen laureates who, while they wanted to be close to us, did not make it because of professional obligations.

We would like to thank the owner of Le Votre Piree Stefano Diamantopoulos for offering us the birthday cake of the awards.

The President

Nana Latsi



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