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By Lina K.

March calendar is the third month of the year and it is the month that essentially symbolizes the beginning of the spring season.
It was named after the Roman god of war Mar
s i.e. Aris and ancient Athens was the month of Deer that began on 21/2 until 19/4.
But let’s come to our own recent years…
This month, which pops in fear after three months of a dark and cold winter, carries many “goodies”.
It has the National Day of March 25th, the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary and the beginning of spring with a bright spring equinox.
In this opening and most fine daylight, I think it goes without saying that it has been universally characterized and celebrated as the Month of Poetry.
iki Demoulas writes in her poem “Mesities”…
“He’s bringing us around, but he’s not coming…
It’s not our good day yet.
At the moment, as cold to freezing… it
is forbidden to open..”


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It’s barbaric.

Barbaric is the good “life” to be humiliated and abused… It’s barbaric to fight for the obvious. Barbaric is the unprecedented sense of young people

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