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Theatre Lessons 2016

Free theatre lessons from “EXALEIPTRON”

“Every man who is truly an artist wishes to create in him another life, deeper and with more interest than the one that actually surrounds him” “Stanislavski” De
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Theatre is soul music, poetry and magic, it is understanding, dialogue with the ego, with us, it is self-awareness, revelation, culture, psychotherapy, externalization, and communication.
It’s culture and a creative way of expressing and defuse our imaginations.

If you love theatre and want to learn to work with yourself through a role and build a role through yourself, if you want to learn to work as a team, to experience the magic of the show, then come to us to learn theoretically and experientially the prevailing acting technique in the world with the “Stanislavsky System”.
It is the technique that marked the methodology for exploring the character of acting art.
Teaching: Nana L
tsis To register and learn about the courses, contact: 690 9835 661 hours 10.00 – 15.00 & 19.00 – 21.00 by Monday 22
2/2016 The ladies participating should have turned 18 and not exceed the age of 50.

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