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The Institution of Awards

The Institution of Awards

(from the speech of the President of the Group)


Ladies and gentlemen,

About a year ago, “EXALEIPTRON” was founded, in order to contribute to the promotion of Culture in our country.

We want to make Culture Mindset!

During this time the Group held many events and presentations.

Today, here, in the Metropolitan Port of the country, we institutionalize the Women’s Awards “EXALEIPTRON”, which will be awarded every year to women from all over Greece.

We are creating an institution with a dual purpose.

On the one is the reward and recognition of women who are distinguished in their field.

On the other hand, it is the emergence of female role models, which give bright examples to other women.

The choice of ladies was made on the basis of their contribution in the specific field they serve. They assessed their course, their belief in what they do, sometimes the self-pity they seem committed to their goal.

Our prize is in the form of a Karyatida, an eternal, timeless symbol of women.

It includes the woman who is oppressed as she endures a heavy load,

but also the strong old and independent woman, who is able to lift enormous burdens and at the same time look at the world proud.

She’s got beauty, she’s got grace, she’s simple and uncluttered.

It’s forever.



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