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Travel to Rebetiko

With particular success took place “The Journey to the REBETIC SINGLE” Izmir-America-Piraeus by our Group in collaboration with the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus, under the aegis of the Municipality of Piraeus.on Tuesday, December 19th in the “ETHRIO” of the Municipal Gallery with Giannis Lebesi, Maria Staphylopatis, Laiki Strata and speaker the researcher and scholar of the rebetiko Panagiotis Kounadis.

The president of the “EXALEIPTRON” Group, N.Y., N.Y., welcomed the public and, among other things, referred to UNESCO’s decision in the first week of December to include the rebetiko song in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The speech was given in order by the head of the Municipal Gallery Michalis Tsekouras and the Mayor of Piraeus Giannis Moralis. Prior to the start of the event, honorary plaques were awarded by the Group.

The singer Giannis Lebesi was handed over by the Mayor of Piraeus Giannis Moralis and to the great musicologist, researcher and scholar of the rebetiko Panagiotis Kounadis, the president of the Group.

The event was honored with their presence and we thank them the Mayor of Piraeus Giannis Moralis, the MP Dimitris Karidis, the Vice-Regional Of the Islands Panagiotis Hatziperos, the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Piraeus and Curator in the Department of Science of the Group, Nina Harvalakou, Spyros Spyridon member of the Greek Delegation to the European Committee of the Regions and first Vice-President of the COMMITTEE COTER, the President of the Second Community of Piraeus , the former Deputy Mayor Giannis Spyrakis, the director of the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus Evangelia Bafoulis, the Curator of Art of the Piraeus Association Giorgos Drouzas.

We thank all of our friends for responding to our invitation and having fun with us six days before Christmas.

We warmly thank the Chinese News Agency for covering the news, and filming our event.

We thank from the newspaper Social the reporter Dimitris Cretikos as well as the publisher Giannis Kanatselis from the voice of the Pirates who were close to us.

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