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Spring is female

Spring is

genus of a female.


Nana Latsi

You can cut all the flowers, but you can’t stop Spring from coming.

Pablo Neruda

Spring is female.

Is she a daughter of mother nature, or is mother nature herself, reborn young and beautiful, costumed and colorful?

Does Mother Nature open the EXALEIPTRON, where she’s been hiding all this time her other self, the beautiful, the fragrant, the erotic?

Nature is playful and causes the Nymphs to spill back into the forests and the Neries into the rivers. If anyone believes in fairy tales, it’s the right time for the fairies to play hide-and-seek.

As the world fills with aromas, scented scents of flowers and wildflowers that pop up on earth, everything seems to be changing.

Dusk isn’t the same anymore. The sky is not as heavy and dark as winter.

There is a mysterious attraction to the atmosphere, a calling, that makes hearts beat and invites love to fly above all and all.

The feminine side of the earth, more beautiful and impetuous than ever, winks at us.

So what is the magic of Spring? What’s her magic wand that makes everything sketch?

Is it the rebirth of everything and the awakening of the senses?

Is it a mysterious frenzy?

Is it the abundant, unrestrained beauty?

Is it all together?

…..When a spring smiles you
will dress up in a new costume a
nd come and shake my hands, my old
friend, and pe
haps no one expects you to return, but I
feel the beats of your heart and a flow
er sprouted in your mature, bitter memory Some train
at night, whistling, or a ship, di
stant and unexpected will bring yo
u with our youth and our dreams
and perhaps noth
ng , really, you haven’t forgotten,
but the return is always worth more
than any of my love and love,
my old friend.

“When a spring…” Manolis Anagnostakis

And here’s where Spring is associated with our youth, the one we have, or the one we lost, with our memories and our faith in realizing our expectations, even when it looks like utopia. An anticipation, a sweet nostalgia, a trickle of coolness…


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