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Cooperation Agreement

The “EXALEIPTRON” Piraeus Women’s Club, for arts, letters, culture, sciences and P.E.F.F.E.E(Panhellenic Association of Photojournalists, Photographers and Pictorial Episks), on the occasion of the event for the cutting of their New Year’s pie, on Saturday, February 22nd in the full room of the NJV Athens Plaza hotel in Syntagma Square, signed a Cooperation Agreement with the aim of The Pact was signed by the presidents of the two institutions, Nana Latsi and Vasilis Koutroumanos.

As a seal of the Cooperation Agreement, the two institutions cut their New Year’s pie together.

During the event, P.E.F.F.E.E. awarded honorary plaques and praise.

Among those who delivered praise were three of the ladies who received an award at the “EXALEIPTRON” Women’s Awards, the H&M president, Heritage & Museums, in partnership with EMF, EMYA, Council of Europe, President of ESFIM, Hellenic Federation of Friends of Museums and Chairman of the Development Committee of WFFM,World Federation of Friends of Museums, World Heritage and Museums Lila de Chavez, world shooting champion Agis Kasumi received and awarded , and the entrepreneur – fashion designer, inspiration and founder of TAKE ME HOME and Curator of Culture of “EXALEIPTRON” Athena Tranoulis.

Among the three hundred guests attended and awarded honorary plaques and praises the MP of Athens Angeliki Adamopoulou, the MP of East Attica Apageidis Maria, the Mp of Argolida Ioannis Andrianos,

the President of the International and Hellenic Olympic Federation, Isidoros Kouvelos, representatives of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, the Greek Shooting Champion with the most participations in the Olympic Games, Agis Kasumis and Mr. TesAs Adamopoulos, the Mayor of Gortynia Efstathios Koulis, the Journalist International Vice-President and President of the Hellenic Department of the Association of European Journalists Saya Tseausidou, the distinguished journalist Irene Nikolopoulou, the surgeon obstetrician gynecologist Elena Papastafida Volika, the psychologist Nicole Canvas, representatives of embassies of associations, etc.

The evening was presented by the distinguished Journalists, Dionysis Botonis (ERT) and Spyridoula – Iris Spanea (Daily)

We warmly thank the Board of Directors of P.E.F.F.E.E. and in particular the President Vassilis Koutroumanos for the cooperation.

We warmly thank Aris Bakaloglou, (Golden Taste Award 2019) for the New Year’s Eve royal pie.



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