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Honoring the great Piraeus actor A.Barkoulis

The “EXALEIPTRON” Piraeus Women’s Group for Arts, Letters, Culture, Sciences, held yesterday with great emotion at the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus, the Honorary Evening dedicated to the Piraeus actor Andreas Barkoulis.

The Mayor of Piraeus, Mr. Vassilis Michaloliakos, awarded an Honorary Plaque for the great actor’s contribution to the Theatre and Cinema. The President of “EXALEIPTRON” awarded an Honorary Award and Plaque to the “Iconic Form” that inspired young actors and adored the audience, for its important contribution to the Theatre in works of international repertoire, for its unique contribution to cinema, since with its participation in a large volume of works (one hundred and sixty films) marked the evolution of the History of Greek Cinema.


The plaques and the prize were received by the 12-year-old son of Andreas Barkoulis Nikolas, who attended the tribute representing his father, who was not allowed to attend.

Songs from films by Andreas Barkoulis performed the Youth Vocal Ensemble of the Holy Church of St. Basil of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus, under the direction of maestro Mr. Despina Karamalegou.

The Founder and President of the Group “EXALIPTRON” Mrs. Nina Latsi – actress, director and Mrs. Katerina Tsilikouina – Culturalist presented the work of Andreas Barkoulis at the Theatre and Cinema.


For Andreas Barkoulis spoke: Thanasis Papageorgiou – actor, director , Tryphon Papoutsis – actor, General Secretary of the foundation “The House of the Actor”, the Art Historian and Film Theorist Mr. Takis Basteas and the actor Elias Petropouleas.


The event, in addition to the Mayor of Piraeus, Mr. Vasilis Michaloliakos, was honored with their presence by:

The Member of Parliament for Piraeus and the Islands, Mr. P. Melas, the Regional Councillor, Mr. Db. Spyridon, the President of the Municipal Council, Mr. (J). Xypolias, the Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. P. Kouvatsos, deputy mayor Mrs. Evag. Sarri, the Deputy Mayor and Head of Public Relations of the Municipality of Piraeus Mr. Nikos Amorgianos. The Municipal Councillors of KN. Vlachakos, I. Vourakis, M. Kalaitzakis and I. Pappas. The Community Councillor Mrs. Maria Athanasiou, the Head of the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus Mr. Michalis Tsekouras, T. General Manager of DIRAP Mr. D. Cretan, the Head of the Piraeus Press Office Mrs. Mary Vlachakou.

The President of the Panhellenic Association of Women Mani Mrs. Nora Michaloliakou, or President of the PEFO of Visual Arts, Painter Mrs. Anthi Antasoura-Kokkinou, the Vice-President of the PEFO of Visual Arts, Sculptor, etc. Petros Georgariou, the Vice President of the Society of Letters and Arts Ms. Antonakou, the Musician Mr. D. Laoutaris, from the club “Diogenes” Mrs. Efi Konstantinidou, the Painter Mr. Nikos Alyferopoulos, The Entrepreneur Mr. Andreas Andrianopoulos-Daskalakis, the Journalist Theodoris Papantoniou, members, friends and friends of “EXALIPTRON” and fans of Andreas Barkoulis.



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