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Music Award – Nefeli Mousoura

Music Award – Nefeli Mousoura


To talk about an artist of sounds, a young but distinguished piano soloist and to determine what makes her stand out so much and her interpretations evoke such deep emotion, there may be no better way than to listen to her thoughts.

The music, he says… is for me the way to be saved every day, my personal daily salvation, which seeks to find other refuge in it.

During the concert, I touch his soul on emotions that only music can express, but also provoke us.

My music is my strength and weakness. After all, this is how all artists learn to strengthen themselves in the face of their art, along with their art, not being able to live without it.

When she was a child, she liked to escape reality and create a parallel world with her imagination in which emotions played a dominant role.

This world couldn’t find a better

realization by him of the ideal of music, a world spiritual such as philosophy, charming as poetry, that uses the language of emotions and heart.

So in a way, almost natural on the one hand and magical on the other, without ever having to make any specific decision, life led her alone to the struggle of music.

In Greece he studied with the renowned soloist and educator Tasos Pappas and graduated with the highest distinctions from the Conservatory of Kondaly as well as from the Department of Music Studies of the University of Athens.

He is a graduate of the Solo piano department of Mozarteum University in Zalzburg, Austria (Bachelor of Arts & Master of Arts).

During her studies she was awarded scholarships from the Alexander S. Foundation. Onassis, the “Friends’ Association of the Athens Concert Hall”, the “Education and European Culture Foundation” and the “Gina Bachauer” Foundation.

Based in Zalzburg and Athens, pianist Nefeli Mousoura gives concerts in Greece, Austria and Germany.

He has served as a soloist in major orchestras such as, Athens State Orchestra, Thessaloniki State Orchestra, Sinfonieorchester der Universität Mostarteum,

Orpheus Kammerorchester Wien, the Philharmonic Orchestra “Mihail Jora Bacau”, and others.

He has also appeared as a soloist at various Festivals such as: “Piano in His Forte”, “Thessaloniki Piano Festival”, “Nafplio Festival”, “Schlosskonzerte Mirabell”, “Klavierfrühling Deutschlandsberg” and has played in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United States. Her upcoming plans include a tour of China in spring 2018.

He has recorded for The Austrian State Television (ORF) and for the Third Programme of Greek Radio.

From the age of eight he is awarded in piano competitions: He has won the 1st H.O.N. Award twice. 1st, and the 1st “Friends” Award, as well as the 3rd Konzerteum Prize and the 1st Prize in the Panhellenic Competition of Young Greek Pianists (2010).

He has also been awarded in the world piano competition “Campillos International Piano Competition” in Spain, with the prize “Mykonos” for young pianists and has been awarded in international pianistic competitions, by the Academy of Athens with the award “Helen Mykonos” for young pianists, as well as with the award Gina Bachauer.


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