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“EXALEIPTRON”. What is Exaleiptron? Its name comes from the name of a small vessel, which the ancient Greek women used to hide their essential oil, i.e. their perfume, preparations for their grooming, but even to hide a secret from them. Its name also indicates its use, since it comes from the verb I grind or eliminate, which means epithet.

This undisputed female symbol, the small EXALEIPTRON, wanted the founder and president, Nana Latsi, to open, in order to spread in the sunlight, all its aromas and secrets, establishing a women’s Group, in the midst of a crisis, in order to feel and get used to the aroma of Culture, so that… gradually, to become the Culture Mindset and necessary way of a full life.

“EXALEIPTRON” was founded in 2012 by President Nana Latsi in the midst of a crisis, with the aim of promoting Culture. It was a vision of years of the founder, aiming at the perpetual cultural upgrading of the city of Piraeus and her vision to make the Group “EXALEIPTRON” a huge portal for the dissemination of Art, Letters, Culture, and Science, in order to contribute to the formation of a cultured and aesthetically, but also substantially upgraded society, for the cultivation and elevation of the cultural and spiritual level of women. , through a spirit of Love, Solidarity, Volunteering, Deep Friendship, Respect and Brotherhood.

Culture is treated as a whole, in which not only the Arts, Letters and Sciences coexist and emerge, but also Sports, Volunteering and Social Offering and Solidarity, i.e. all these elements that, when diffused and integrated into social reality, can massively enhance aesthetic perception and put the coexistence of all of us, on the age-old basis of , in our very expensive cultural values.

In these areas the Group is active, i.e. in Culture and in particular in Arts, Letters and Sciences, Sports, Volunteering and Social Offering and Solidarity, carrying out a series of events and actions, such as scientific workshops, specials highlighting persons and institutions, book presentations, women’s evenings and more.

In April 2014, the “Women’s Awards” were established, which are awarded every year to female personalities from Greece and abroad, who have distinguished – offered with faith and self-deparation in a specific field they serve, with the aim of rewarding, recognizing and highlighting female standards.

In the Club can participate women who are permeated by the spirit of cooperation, offer and solidarity and all those who would like to add their own little stone to the Culture.