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Third Women’s Awards “EXALEIPTRON” 2016

Eight Caryatids for eight modern Greek Caryatids

Piraeus was illuminated by a woman’s glow on the evening of April 18, 2016.

The Piraeus Women’s Group “EXALEIPTRON” awarded eight bright and special Greek women.

The inaugural ceremony of the Awards was held for the third year in a row, in a climate of joy and emotion, in the full event hall of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Nancy Kostara, Journalist and Central Presenter of Epsilon TV News, presented and coordinated the event in her own special way.

The President of “EXALEIPTRON”, Nana Latsi, opening the event, stressed among other things: “This award is a minimal underlining, a symbolic reward, an ancient Karyatid to a modern Karyatid.”

The Awards were received (in order of award):

The Science Award was received by the Archaeologist and Honorary Curator of Antiquities, Dr. Xeni Arapoyianni.

The prize was awarded by the Professor and Director of the Museum of Cycladic Art, Nikolaos Stambolidis.

The Cultural Award was received by the National Ambassador of Greece to the Council of Europe for Sport, Tolerance and Competition and President of the Panhellenic Women’s Sports Association “KALLIPATEIRA”, Katerina Panagopoulou.

The prize was awarded by the Mayor of Piraeus, Giannis Moralis.

The Theatre Award was received by the Director – Translator of Theatre Works and Artistic Director of the Theatre Lab Company of London, Anastasia Revi.

The award was awarded by the Journalist and General Manager of Alpha 989 Athens, 96.5 Thessaloniki, Spyros Charitatos.

The Dance Award was received by the 1st Ballet Dancer of the National Opera, former soloist of the Vienna Opera and Hamburg ballet, Maria Kousouni.

The prize was presented by Virtuoso Pianist, Panagiotis Trochopoulos.

The Prize for the Art of The New Media was received by the pioneering Visual Artist, t. Associate Professor of the Department of Sound and Image Arts of the Ionian University, Marianna Strapatsaki.

The award was awarded by the Assistant Professor of Astrophysics, Astronomy and Engineering of the University of Athens, Dr. Manos Danezis.

The Prize for Literature was received by the distinguished Author – Philologist Paschalia Travlou.

The prize was awarded by professor of the Athens University of Economics, Dimitris Bourantas.

The Sports Award was received by the Olympic champion and President of the Association of Greek Olympians, Voula Kozomoli.

The prize was awarded by P. Mayor of Marathon, Honorary President of the International Association of Mayors for Peace and Ambassador of the Marathon Street Flame, Spyros Zagaris.

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Award was received by the CEO of Navigator Shipping Consultants and creator of the iforu – Greek Mentoring Network, Danai Bezantaku.

The award was awarded by the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Piraeus and the Hellenic Confederation of Trade and Entrepreneurship of Greece, Vasilis Korkidis.

The prominent gentlemen who awarded the awards honored the winners with their excellent speeches and praised their work, each with their own personal style.

The prizes in the form of Karyatid are original creations of sculptor Dimitris Kostas, who extended the symbolism of the prize, creating the “lost” Karyatid! (in the photo with the souvenir offered to him by the president of”EXALEIPTRON”).

We thank all the friends who honored the Group with their presence, both from the field of arts, actors, visual artists, etc., as well as from the fields of science, sport and volunteering, the field of the press, as well as the Curators and our members.

Among the friends of the Group present, we were honored with their presence: mp I of Piraeus and Islands Mr. Kostas Katsafados, the Deputy Mayor Mrs. Nala Harvalakou, the Deputy Mayor of Culture Mrs. Irene Daifa, the President of the 2nd Community of the Municipality of Piraeus and Lina Athanasiou, the representative of the Chief General Commodore P.N. Raymond Salvetas, Olympic Wrestling Champion Voula Zygouris, Olympic Marathon Runner and awarded by “EXALEIPTRON” with the 2015 Sports Award Maria Pouzou, assistant professor P.A. oncologist, Stamatis Vasilaros, the President of the Medical Association of Piraeus, Mr. Nikolaos Platanisiotis, the Director of the Cardiological Clinic Bioclinic Dr. Georgios Vitsas, the visual artist – poet, Mrs. Niki Papatheocharis, the president of the Philological House of Piraeus, poet, Nikos Papagiannakis, the author and researcher of Maritime History Ms. Kristis Emilio Ioannidos, winner of the Women’s Awards “EXALEIPTRON” 2014 with the “NAVAL PRODUCTION AWARD”, the historical scholar Mr. Stefanos Scarmintzos, the businesswoman mrs. Tina Shortou, winner of the 2014 Women’s Entrepreneurship Award, the journalist Mrs. Mary Vlachakou, the publisher of the Voice of The Pirates, etc. Giannis Kanatselis and the reporter of the Social Journal of Piraeus Mr. Dimitris Cretikos.

Thank you to the sponsors of communication:

Piraeus Channel One 90.4 & EpsilonTV.


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