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Xeni Arapoyianni – Science Award

Xeni Arapoyianni – Science Award

Dr . Foreign Arsoyiannis had a passion from a young age and was dedicated to it. He wanted to dig the Greek land and bring to light the hidden treasures of ancient Greece.He was born in Athens and studied at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens, Department of History – Archaeology.

He was a Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on “The Sanctuaries of Panos in Attica”.

Her passion for archaeology quickly found its expression, since from a young age she began to carry out excavations, while at the age of 27 and after her admission with examinations to the Archaeological Service, she served as Head of the evocative area of Delphi, having the direction of the Archaeological Museum, while at the same time carrying out important excavations in the wider area of Fokidos.

In Attica, as curator of antiquities in the relevant Archaeological Ephorate, she took part in the extensive excavations.

She later became Director of the Z’ Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of Olympia, where she served for 16 consecutive years. The number of excavations he carried out brought to light important monuments and shocking finds, which often overturned archaeological data and added new elements to the history of the place.

Mycenaean tombs with rich buildings, tombs and sanctuaries of classical times, ancient acropolises with their fortifications and extensive cemeteries of historical times, are some of its greatest discoveries.

During the preparation of the country for the 2004 Olympic Games, he was responsible for all the projects carried out in Olympia by the Ministry of Culture.


In 2006 she was transferred to Messinia where she organized in Kalamata the newly created Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, without ever giving up her excavation work.

From the year 2009 until today, it has dedicated itself to its systematic excavation in Ancient Thuria Messinia.

This excavation brought to light the completely unknown Asclepiion of the ancient city and a part of its Ad and is expected to reveal in the future many more hidden treasures.

Her scientific writing includes more than 250 publications in archaeological journals and newspapers as well as monographs:

He is a member of the “Athens Archaeological Society”, the “LIMC Mythological Dictionary” and the German Archaeological Institute, and cooperates without pay with the Municipality of Kalamata as the Mayor’s scientific advisor on cultural issues.

Since 2013 he is President of the “Society of Friends of Ancient Thuria”, which he founded herself.

She is married to the distinguished German archaeologist Dr. George Rambach and mother of a son.

She has been honored and awarded for her scientific work and for her contribution to Archaeology by many institutions and organizations and is awarded the title of Honorary Curator of Antiquities.






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