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Fourth Women’s Awards “EXALEIPTRON” 2017

For the fourth consecutive year, “EXALEIPTRON” awarded eight wonderful Greek women, eight separate personalities, each of whom excels in its field.

The award ceremony took place on the evening of  April 24, 2017 in the event hall of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The reception of the award-winning ladies was very warm from the public, in which there were great personalities of culture, arts, sciences, etc. All the ladies who were honored were applauded, proving that our country gives birth to great modern Greek women capable of excelling everywhere.

The awards, a Karyatid, created and offered by the excellent sculptor Dimitris Kostas especially for “EXALEIPTRON”, awarded eight equally special and eminent men.

The presentation of the fourth “Women’s Awards EXALEIPTRON 2017”, was undertaken by the distinguished journalist Ada Iliopoulou, known not only for her great journalistic career, but also for her work in favor of our country abroad.

The founder and president of the “EXALEIPTRON” club warmly welcomed the public stressing that the awards are awarded, every year to female personalities for reward and recognition, but also for the promotion of female role models, who through their love for their subject, their personal toil, their study, abilities, or talents managed to distinguish themselves. He also stressed that “the ladies we have with us tonight are holding the wheel tight and each one proves that the top is not only male.”

The Awards were received (in order of award):

The VolunteerIng Award was received by psychologist – psychotherapist – President and inspiration of the Association “Human People”, Vera Messini.

The prize was awarded by representing the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Piraeus, etc. Seraphim, the Panosiologios Archimandrite p. Nyphon Kapoyiannis.


The Marine Award was received by the General Manager of Macgregor Greece, Athena Kanellatou.

The award was awarded by the president of the Propeller Club of Piraeus – CEO of X.R.T.C Business Conssultants L.T.D., and General Secretary of the Association of Banking and Financial Executives of Hellenic Shipping Giorgos Xiradakis.

The Science Prize was received by the distinguished Greek scientist,

head of siena polyclinic’s ocular oncology and retina unit, Santa Maria alle Scotte, Dr. Doris Hatzistylianou.

The award was awarded by the ophthalmologist- Professor of Ophthalmology

University of New York, Dr. Anastasios Kanellopoulos.

The Cultural Award was received by the Archaeologist-Theatrologist-Director of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki- Dr. Archaeology and Art,

Polyxeni Adam-Veleni.

The prize was awarded by the Mayor of Piraeus, Giannis Moralis.

The Theatre Award was received by the Director – Theatrologist – Author and Dr. Aesthetic Philosophy, Jenny Arsenis.

The prize was awarded by the Academic – Emeritus Professor of Boston University – Composer- Conductor, Theodoros Antoniou.

The Literature Prize was received by Psychologist-Professor of Psychology at Panteion University – Author, Fotini Tsalikoglou.

The prize was awarded by the Archaeologist – Art Historian – Director of the Epigraphic and Monetary Museum, Dr. Georgios Kakavas.

The Sports Award was received by the World Cup Champion in shooting Agi Kasumi.

The award was awarded by the 1st Vice-President of SEGAS and Member of the European Athletics Federation, Panagiotis Dimakos.

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Award was received by the leading entrepreneur, Vice President of the company Environmental Protection Technique SA- Director of Business Development at ERMA FIRST and President of HEMEXPO, Eleni Polychronopoulou.

The award was awarded by the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Piraeus, (E.B.E.P) Vasilis Korkidis.

The prominent gentlemen who awarded the awards, honored the winners with their excellent speeches and praised their work, each with their own personal style.

The prizes were accompanied by 2016 medal coins offered by the Epigraphic and Monetary Museum collection.

We thank all the friends who honored the Group with their presence, both from the field of arts, as well as from the areas of science, politics, sport and volunteering, from the press the journalist Mrs. Mary Vlachakou the reporter Mr. Dimitris Cretikos as well as our curators and members.

Among the friends present of the Group, we were honored with their presence: the Member of Parliament of Piraeus and the Islands of N.D. etc. Kostas Katsafados, the former Regional Governor of the Aegean – Politician Mr. Spyros Spyridon, the Deputy Mayor of Finance Mrs. Nala Glyka – Harvalakou, the appointed Municipal Councillor of Culture & President of the Maritime Club, Mrs. Irene Daifa, the Community Councillor Mr. Thodoris Skordilis, the Olympic sailing champion Virginia Kravariotis, the Ambassador of Greek Culture abroad President and Secretary General of the World Federation of Friends of Museums Archaeologist Internationalist, Lila De Chavez, the Secretary General of the Giuseppe Sciacca International Awards in the Vatican and awarded by the EXALEIPTRON with the Culture Award in 2014, Dr. Vicky Bfatakis, the former Governor of Metaxa Hospital surgeon candidate MP of Piraeus & Islands , Mr. President, I’m going to have Nikos Vlachakos, the famous painter & sculptor from America Giannis Amorgianos, the CEO of NAVIGATOR SHIPPING CONSULTANTS, awarded by the Exaluptron with the Entrepreneurship Award 2016 Mrs Danai Bezantaku, the President of the Association of Italian Industrialists, Massimo Boldrini and the wife of the President of Rotary Italy Daniella Boldrini, the Vice-President of Investments & Finance Ltd, Ms Katerina Stathopoulou, M.A. in Military History , Mr. President, I’m going to have Stefanos Scarmintzos, the president of the Society of Friends of Municipal Theatre Mrs. Eleni Study and her husband Giannis Study, the president of Athens Rena Vasilakis, the president of Amarylides Niki Paximadakis, the president of Phoevos Dimitra Glezakou, from the Tsopelogiannis Group, Daniella Tsopeloyannis, the businessman Lykourgos Papagiannopoulos, the shipowner Alexandros Kouros, Konstantinos Spanos, Mr. Kostas Paraschos, Mrs. Ioanna Vasilakis, Mrs. Emilia Leoni-Mantzavinou, Mrs. Rita Picru – Moraitis, the fashion designer Olga Karavarveris, Mrs. Jenny Papadopoulou, Mrs. Efi Bouna, etc.

THANK YOU sponsors:

The Board of Directors of the Professional and Industrial Chamber of Piraeus and in particular the President Mr. Vassilis Korkidis, for the concession of the hall,

Sculptor Dimitris Kostas who crafts the awards “Karyatids” especially for “EXALEIPTRON”, for his offer.

The Epigraphic and Monetary Museum and in particular the Director Mr. Giorgos Kakavas for the coins he offered to the Group to be given to the winners.

The “LA FOURCHETE EDES” of chef Hector Ioannou,

Eden Flowers: especially The Group’s Vice President Tina Kontakou.

Rania Kaisar was responsible for the Group’s media and communication for the photo shoot.

The jewellery store Joseph Vassiliou Vourakis, for the creation and offer of gold “EXALEIPTRON

Την εταιρεία AQUA FERRIES

The SKOURAS DOMAINE estate of Giorgos Skouras

Hair Styling & Make Up Artist Stelios Papadakis



Lena Katsanidou.

And finally the Communication Sponsor, Channel One of Piraeus. 



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