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Anastasia Revi – Theatre Award

Anastasia Reve – Theatre Award

A special Greek director, Piraeus, who excels in the scenes of England is Anastasia Reve, who has been living and working as a director in London for the last 20 years.

She is the artistic director of the award-winning Theatre Lab Company and works mainly with riverside studios.

In recent years it promotes and recommends through its English-language performances, the ancient Greek drama to the London public, while at the same time in a constant and perpetual effort to renew the expressive media, it directs alternative performances of visual and physical theatre, inspired mainly by classical literature.

She participates with her performances in international theatre festivals and collaborates with theatre organizations in Greece whenever an interesting proposal emerges.

He translates and has presented on the multinational London scene and in English, a large number of plays by contemporary Greek writers, either as regular productions or as analogues.

He studied English Literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and received an excellent diploma from the Drama School of the State Theatre of Northern Greece.

He finished the École Philippe Gaulier Theatre School, as well as the London Theatre Conservatory and continued exploring the theatrical streets by participating in seminars of Complicite, RoyalCourt, ForumTheatre, OdinTheatre and LaMamaTheatre, NewYork.

Among other productions he has directed the works:

William Shakespeare’s MAKBETH for the State Theatre of Northern Greece, Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth at the ALMA Theatre, Oscar Wilde’s Salome for the Avignon International Festival in Thessaloniki, Cabaret Voltaire in Athens and Old Cholmeley Boys’ Club in London, Euripides Medea at Riverside Studios in London, Aristophanes‘s Lysistratis at Riverside Studios- London , The Bee of Hadeki Noda at the Angels Step in Athens, the Oresteia trilogy of Aeschylus at Riverside Studios, Nilo Cruz’s Cuba Libre at the Angels Step in Athens, the musical performance of Dream Waves at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Sophocles’ Antigone at the International Festival of Ancient Drama in Cyprus and riverside studios in London, The Fall of Edgar Alan Poe’s House of Asser at the Old Cholmeley Boys’ Club in London , Back to Paradise by Philip Ridley at the State Theatre of Northern Greece, Velvet Scratch itself at the New York International Theatre Festival and the Edinburgh and Prague Festivals.

He’s a member of the M Translators Association. British ITI.It was nominated in 2009 at the Theatre Critics’ Association Awards for the Young Creators Award, while in 2007 it received the Best Performance Award at the Prague International Theatre Festival and in 1997 together with its then newly formed group the Theatre Lab Company received the Hellenic Foundation Award.

In June 2016, he will direct Aletta Lawson’s Dancing with the Devil in London at lilian baileys/sadler’s wells theatre, a play inspired by the life of the great dancer Rudolph Nureyev.

London critics write bivalve reviews, such as “don’t miss it, it’s a wonderful work of art”, they talk about multi-level performances, which crept into each other like waves, performances memorably dynamic, with emotional energy, full of pulsating unforgettable images and atmosphere, and they say they are impressed by both clever directing and aesthetics.

Her rich artistic action, which we feel proud of, did not prevent her from being a mother, since she is married and a mother of two children.



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