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Katerina Panagopoulou – Culture Award

Katerina Panagopoulou – Culture Award

When you devote yourself to the voluntary effort and the struggle to pass on and make a way of thinking and living the good fight, when you spread by all means the values of Greek Culture and Olympism all over the world and you struggle to activate and reap again in your country, then you are a true ambassador of culture in all its manifestations.S
he is Mrs Katerina Panagopoulou, Ambassador of Greece, to the Council of Europe for Sport, Tolerance and Fair Play accredited by the Ministry of Culture in 1998.

Member of the Board of Directors of the International Committee for Fair Play since 2005.

President of the Panhellenic Women’s Sports Association “KALLIPATEIRA”.

Honorary member of the Euro American Women’s Council.

Honorary member of the Panhellenic Association of Friends of the Archdiocese of Athens.

Honorary member of the Byron Society.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Friends of the Cord Blood Bank (OPA).

Ms. Panagopoulou in every way and means supports and continuously promotes Culture and Sport, trying to create solid foundations, not only material, but also in the field of ideas, so that cultural values are transformed into visions, attitudes of life, emulation and continuous progress, for the whole society, inclusive.


He was born in Athens and attended the Evangelical School of Nea Izmir and Paul Valery University in Montpellier, France, in the Department of Foreign Literature.

She is married to the Patriarch of Greek Shipping, Shipowner Pericles S. Panagopoulos.She is the mother of a son and resides permanently in Athens.

He speaks English, French and Italian, worked in Tourism, was involved in trade and was for many years a successful entrepreneur.


Vice-Chairman of the Vouliagmeni Naval Group.

Vice-President of the Council of Ancient Olympic Games.

Member of the National Mental Health Commission.

He participated in many international conferences, such as:

At the European Parliament, the International Council for The Sport of the Armed Forces, the House of Commons, Grand Committee Room in London ,the First World Congress of Sports Sociology, Seoul Korea.

Having travelled thousands of kilometres around the world, in order to spread the spirit of Sport and Olympicism, offering for free through committees, associations and positions of responsibility, Mrs. Panagopoulou is the first Greek woman to receive the 1st Prize of Europe “Women and Sports 2012” from the International Olympic Committee in Los Angeles in 2012.

As Ambassador of Greece, the Council of Europe for Sport, Tolerance and Fair Play has been awarded numerous awards and honours. Only a few of them are:


Europe’s 1st Women & Sports Award 2012 by the International Olympic Committee in Los Angeles.

The Award for its Contribution to the Development of Sport, by the Hellenic Archery Federation.

The Shield of the Ministry of National Defence, from the War Museum

Award for its continuous contribution to Greek Sport and Greek Society, by the Association of Greek Olympians, Award for valuable contribution and support to the Greek Paralympic Movement,

Award of the Hellenic Olympic Committee for its important contribution in the field of Women and Sports,

She was named Woman of the Year by the Municipality of Piraeus in March 2007.

Honorary Plaque for its Assistance at the 7th General Assembly of the European Paralympic Committee, by the Commission,

10th Annual Leadership Award for her unique quality of bringing out the best in youth with her incompatible love and passion for “Fair Play” and her birthplace “Greece”, New York, June 2005.

(10th Annual Leadership Award for her unique ability to bring out the best of youth with her unparalleled love and passion for “good fighting” and her birthplace, Greece). New York 2005).

Honorary Plaque for its excellent Cultural Offer, by the Byron Society of the Holy City of Mesologgi,

Gold Medal in recognition of its social and cultural contribution, by the Panhellenic Association of Friends of the Archdiocese of Athens,

OPAS Award, for its great contribution to Hellenism, by AHEPA FAMILY GREECE – CYPRUS,

Honorary Distinction at the International Council of World Sport of the Armed Forces,

XENIA Diploma of Honorary Distinction, for the services offered to the community,

Honorary Plaque for its contribution to Sport and Society, from Hellenic College, London,

The Supreme Council of Armed Forces Sports.

Katerina Panagopoulou has removed the word charity from her vocabulary and replaced it with solidarity, with the excess of matter and soul, an excess that it channels into the world uninterruptedly, envisioning a evolution of societies, into more anthropocentric ensembles, through the dissemination of the pedagogical values of Olympism and the ideals that give rise to real and meaningful civilization, a worthy culture that exalts man and evolves societies against moral decline , which has the effect of perpetuating injustice and poverty.  




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