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Women’s Entrepreneurship Award – Eleni Polychronopoulou

Women’s Entrepreneurship Award – Eleni Polychronopoulou

At a time of rapid change, both socially and economically, and as we experience an unprecedented economic crisis, entrepreneurship is seen as a key to the economy and a solution to unemployment. Women’s entrepreneurship and innovation are a steadily rising sector as women claim their own creative opportunities.

A woman who combines entrepreneurship with innovation with great success is Eleni Polychronopoulou.

He was born and raised in Piraeus, in Prophet Elias, and still lives in the great port of the country. She studied Chemistry at the University of Ioannina, but was to become one of the most renowned entrepreneurs, not only for her professional disabilities, but also for her love of the environment, managing to combine both.

He is Vice President of The Company Environmental Protection Technique S.A. and Director of Business Development at ERMA FIRST ESK ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS SA, a company designing and producing Marine Ballast Management Systems.He is also co-founder of HELENGI ENGINEERING, specializing in liquefied natural gas (LNG) uses mainly as a marine fuel and a member of the Board of Directors of GLOBAL NAVIGATION SOLUTIONS GREECE.

As Director of Research and Development at Environmental Protection Technique SA, she contributed to the development of innovative equipment for the management and treatment of wastewater and drinking water.

He then switched to the Business Development Department where he successfully carried out projects and actions to expand the company into new markets and new products and services.

In 2009 it turned its attention to a different threat posed by seagoing shipping to the environment: the transport of unwanted pathogens and hosts (invasive animals) through the marine ballast of ships. The transfer of microorganisms from the seas with different water quality can have a catalytic effect on the sensitive ecosystem of our seas.

With sensitivity to the environment and while realizing the business opportunity created by the tightening of international legislation, he cooperated with ERMA FIRST and created the first certified Greek marine ballast treatment system.

It is the only technology in the world that is certified for operation even in fresh water. Much of the equipment is produced in Perama, giving work to companies established in the Schistos Industrial Park, and a piece in Sweden to prevent delays in hardware deliveries..

Today, he is employed, among other things, with the expansion into new markets as Vice President of Technical Environmental Protection SA and as President of HEMEXPO – Greek Manufacturers of Shipping Equipment.

She is also a member of WISTA HELLAS (Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association), a member of the Committee for the Mediterranean of the Chinese Classification Society (CCS) and a member of the board of directors of the Hellenic Institute of Maritime Technology (ELINT).

She was recently named Greek “Pioneer Entrepreneur of the Year 2015” in the global competition organized every year by Ernst & Young, preceded by the Lloyd’s List Awards as the culmination of her intensive work in the field of the environment with the creation of one of the most extroverted Greek companies

He has been a member of the Greek IMO Delegation to the MEPC Committee, Vice-President of PASEPE as well as representative of the Greek delegation to the European Environmental Business Awards.


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