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Sports Award – Agi Kasumi

Sports Award – Agi Kasumi


Sports ideals were born in Greece, as a philosophy of life that promotes and combines, in a harmonious whole, the virtues of body, spirit and soul. The joy of the effort, after all, is already praised by Homer in the Odyssey describing the struggles of the young Pheakes.

A few thousand years later, a modern Greek woman honors the ideals of sport with perseverance, duration and success.

She has 35 years of career, has won many international distinctions and has been named and honored by many institutions, state and private, media, as the best Greek Scout of all time.

It is Agis Kasumi, who holds the Greek women’s record of racing participations with 6 attendances at the Olympic Games.

He was born in Athens and started shooting as a child. She was finally to become one of the most important Greek athletes of all time and champion of Greece for the last 35 years. Her love for sport and championship as she has declared is immense.

This eternal teenager rightly claims a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

After all, she has already surpassed a total (in all age categories) the 50 national victories in her rich career, in which the six participations in the Olympic Games are of course prominent.

  • in Los Angeles 1984
  • in Seoul 1988
  • in Barcelona 1992
  • in Atlanta 1996
  • in Sydney 2000

with the ideal finale of the Olympic cycles ending in the capital of her homeland, Athens in 2004.

A unique record, which only the sailing man Tasos Boudouris holds in men.

At the same time, in her rich collection over the years in addition to the six medals at world championships, she has received two medals in Pan-European and two medals in Mediterranean games.

Three times he has been invited by the International Shooting Federation to the World Cup Final, the match involving the 8 best shots in the world: 1990 in Munich, 1996 in Nefeli, Switzerland, 1999 in Munich. Greek Champion in Shooting since 1978 every year, until today.

She has been a member of the National Team for more than 30 years and permanent holder of the Panhellenic Record, from 1981 until today, in the Women’s Sports Pistol with 589/600.

She received an international shooting coaching degree from the International Sport Shooting Federation, and studied journalism at The State University of New York, receiving a Bachelor in Communication.
She finished with honors at the “Adenna” School of Journalism, and speaks four foreign lan
guages As a journalist she worked in the Department of Sports Journalism of New York College as Director of Studies, in the Department of International Television News and Radio of Adenna and as editor in various magazines.

She is an Honorary Member of the Panhellenic Women’s Sports Association “Kallipatira”.

She participated for free in the advertising campaign in Greece of the American cosmetics company Murad, aiming at a campaign against breast cancer.

She likes Travel, Reading, Dance, Music, Theatre and Cooking, she is the wife and mother of two children of Evelina and Dimitris.

In 2013, Agis, together with people with extensive experience, knowledge and contribution in the field of shooting and with the aim of transferring their knowledge and love for the sport, founded the Hellenic Sports Shooting Club “Agis Kasumis”. The World Cup Champion is the President of the Group and as she stated in an interview “I will build athletes who will overcome me”.

Already new athletes are emerging under her guidance, such as Sofia Tserga and Eva Kofinakou, athletes of the Shooting Group “AGIS KASUMI”, who managed with only 9 months of training together with Agis to win the 1st place in the Panhellenic Championship 2016 in the Women’s Sports Pistol, in the Team.

A long successful course, a life truly dedicated to sport, a life dedicated to the colors of Greece.


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