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Danai Bezantaku – Women’s Entrepreneurship Award

Danai Bezantaku – Women’s Entrepreneurship Award

Speaking of female entrepreneurship, we usually focus on dynamic and capable female personalities, neglecting concepts and qualities, such as creativity, imagination and mood, that make them even more special.

One such personality is Danai Bezantaku, Managing Director of NAVIGATOR SHIPPING CONSULTANTS, which is active in the shipping sector and represents exclusively in Greece 40 Agents and Trailer Companies from 120 countries.

One of its most important achievements is the organization of the NAVIGATOR maritime conference “The Shipping Decision Makers Forum” since 2001, which is considered one of the biggest events of shipping as it brings together more than 400 Decision Makers of shipping and speakers from around the world on an annual basis.

At the same time he participates in the family business in the field of tourism, with the tourist company KEFI S.A. and the Hotel MATILDA in Zakynthos.

Danai represented Greece in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) “Women in Leadership” in March 2011 among 100 women from 92 countries at the initiative of Hillary Clinton.

After her return she created the iforu (I for you) – Greek Mentoring Network, with 7 other female entrepreneurs, a very important network aimed at networking and mentoring young female entrepreneurs. Within 3 years of its creation, iforU has led 58 women’s businesses and created a tank of 130 mentors – mentees.

Her participation in conferences within and outside Greece as a speaker enables her to present a different picture of our country, that of creation and development.

He is a founding member of the think tank “THE CANVAS – Debating Business ideas” and OPENMIND GROUP, a group of students and graduates that aims to develop an open dialogue between academia and the business community.

He was also chosen to represent Greece in the programme of 40 new European leaders under 40 in 2014.

Her name is on the 2014 The Purpose economy 100 Europe list as well as the 40 under 40 Fortune Greece list for 2014.

But the biggest distinction for her came in March 2015 from the World Economic Forum as one of the world’s new leaders for the next 5 years.

Wanting to show its support to young people and believing that in order to continue the tradition of the primacy of Greek Shipping in the world, there must be a dialogue between shipping executives and young people, during Posidonia 2016 will organize together with the team of THE CANVAS and OPEN MIND GROUP the first YOUNG EXECUTIVES SHIPPING FORUM for young people 20-30 years old.

Danai holds a Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality and Tourism Management from the University of Surrey. She speaks English, French and German, loves travel, literature and swimming, but focuses mainly on playing with her seven-year-old daughter, as her multifaceted activity does not prevent her from being a mum.



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