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Voula Kozomboli – Sports Award

Voula Kozomboli – Sports Award

Some athletes, thanks to their talent and constant, persistent and painful toil, achieve eternal mention, glory and honor, winning medals at the Olympic Games, glory which they share with all of us their compatriots and make us proud. One such athlete is the Olympic silver medalist of water polo at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Voula Kozomol.

Voula’s success was the culmination of her efforts since she is at the top of the national team and is also the first Greek pole woman to play in a team abroad and specifically in Italy.

Her athletic career began at the age of just 8, as a swimmer at the ANO club. Glyfada with many distinctions and medals in national championships.At the age of 17 he started water polo and continued to compete in the ANO team. Glyfada and then to the National Piraeus, to the Italian team RADI NANTES FLORENTIA in the Italian championship and finally to NIREA Halandri until 2012.

From 1994 to 2008 she was a key member of the Women’s National Water polo team, having over 350 official entries. As a member of the National Team he participated twice in the Olympic Games in 2004 in Athens and in 2008 in Beijing, in 5 World Championships, 7 European Championships, 3 times in a FINAL CUP World Cup and 4 times in a World League.

In 2014 he competed with the Italian team “A.S.D. Sporting club Argentario Roma” at the world championships master wet track and won the gold medal.      

In 2015 she received the European “IOC WOMEN AND SPORT TROPHY FOR EUROPE” award from the International Olympic Committee.

He is President of the Hellenic Olympic Winners Association(S.E.O.) ,Vice-President of the Association of Olympic Games Participates and Member of the Board of Directors of the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki.

In addition to being an Olympic champion, she is also an economist, a graduate of the Economic Department of the Athens University of Economics, holds a master’s degree in “Organization and Administration of Services, Public Organizations and Enterprises” and has received the Executive Diploma in Sports Management, which shows her restless spirit and multidimensional personality, as well as her need alongside the body to exercise and the spirit.

At the same time she is married and a mother of two children.

Among the many important distinctions of Voula Kozomol are:

– Gold Medal at the World League in Russia in 2005.

– Fourth place at the Pan-European Games in Vienna and Budapest.

Fifth Place at the 1998 World Championships in Perth

and 2005 in Montreal.

With the Association of Glyfada has conquered:

– Two Gold Medals in the European Champions League, Two Silver Medals in the European Champions League, Seven Greek Championships.



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