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Fifteenth of August


When the Virgin Mary passed silent from the t
rees no one heard her
The dogs did not bark at the gates.
Only the crickets greeted he
r, and a big star struck o
n a chord some unknown song that
only the children heard in their sleep
and came back from their other side smiling.
Giannis Ritsos

No woman in the world has received so much honor and glory.
No one was so loved and inspired so many creators, for which other woman in the world shed so many tears? To which e
lse did they pray and confess their most secret secrets and ask her to become an ambassador of every calamity, as much as in the face of the Virgin Mary, the Despina of the world
? Today celebrates the Mother of Christ, the Mother of Light and our Mother.
All over Greece it grafts its septually with the aromas of summer and there is great joy.
But death we have which is a sad event, why are we so happy and we run in festivals and dances with so much enthusiasm and so much joy in our soul? This is b
roken down into the image of sleep that we see a death triumph, the soul of the Virgin Mary depicted as a sown infant who has just been born in the tender embrace of Christ which means that she passed from the Assumption to the Metastasis next to her beloved Son.

He rose like Christ.
He defeated death the earthly life for heaven and lives eternally with him. That’s why today’s performance is called little Easter.
The ecclesiastical circle closes on August 31st with the deposit of the Holy Zone to reopen with the Birthday of the Virgin Mary on September 8th.

Happy Birthday to the Vice-President of the Curators and members of our Group who celebrate today, as well as to all the friends and friends of “EXALEIPTRON”

Happy Holy Mary Day to everyone.

Nana Latsi



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