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The light that closes inside them the leaves of the poppy

The light that closes inside them the leaves of the poppy

If our soul always wore its goodies and welcomed our dreams…

If our boat arrived illuminated in the port we had chosen… If they were waiting for us on the pier, with bouquets and applause, all the people we loved… If so many times, seduced by the song of sirens, we hadn’t lost our wheel… If we hadn’t been smuggled into the wrong dreams…

If all the things that were polished and collected with such dedication and affection we knew from the beginning that it was not gold…..We may have known, but utopia ate us. If we hadn’t sold our valuables to French merchants for a few sips of solace… If we hadn’t left the door of our souls open for the persecuted to find asylum… what a recklessness! We’ve always thought of the bandits as persecuted. If we knew how to read the signs of the times in time and predict storms……. If we were wearing camouflage uniforms… that’s a sure way to succeed.

We even the nitserada for the rains that someone foreage-there can not always be one such in our environment-put in our luggage, we gave it to the first lazy fisherman. Oh, that misestimation… Unnecessary generosity! If we had erected a wall to protect our lives… One mound at least. If we hadn’t confused the points on the horizon and waited for the sun to come out of the west… How much wasted time, really! If we didn’t smile, with that stupid smile, at the man who came at us with a knife… Another will be his intention.

If we didn’t make an appointment with our souls, beyond its limits… If we didn’t make the clown, with the aim of entertaining the hostage and forgetting her poor… If the whole world were a cocoon that would protect us in there, with all our comfort, we’d be made of butterflies worms…

If… If…. If it were all… Otherwise! Come on, let’s go! But then, how would we tell the light that the poppy leaves are closing in?

Excerpt from “If everything was different” by the wonderful Alkyoni Papadakis


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