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Excursion to Arachova!

I don’t know what you’re !!!

“Sunday 27 November”, we thought it would be a good date to take the mountains. To charge our batteries before the preparations and obligations of December, to flood our lungs with mountain air and to fill our eyes with beautiful images of nature.

Be happy and why not take time back, like when we were schoolgirls – students and throwing snowballs at each other. Redden the mussels, drink warm smelly coffees and steamed chocolates, try local delicacies next to steamed windows, walk through the picturesque cobbled streets, among traditional country houses, and when we feel that little bite in the stomach to eat (whatever everyone wants) by the fireplace, drinking brusco and singing.

Equip my girls with scarves – caps – gloves – umbrella, wear comfortable shoes that do not slip, warm clothes (don’t forget the moisturizer for face and hands) and join us to become a great company, because the compass showed destination “ARAHOVA”.

Doula and lady of Parnassos Arachova, bathed in light or half-hidden in the clouds, stands high over time and waits for us.

Where else, so close, so picturesque and snowy? Don’t be in a hurry. We’re not going to talk about everything here.

As you understand it is not an ordinary excursion with visits to archaeological sites and monasteries, it is an excursion for relaxation and fun, to become a great company, to meet new friends and to come warm – sweets closer completely pareistic.

Don’t tell me you’re dizzy because the ride doesn’t have turns.

As for you not going anywhere without your best friend, take her with you to meet her.

For more information call 690 98 35 661.

The last registration date is November 15th and the cost of the trip is 15 euros. Departure from Piraeus at 8 a.m. without delays to catch up at 10:30 to have coffee in Arachova.


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