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The one that never comes

….How come, in this "liar world", people you loved, who held them and held your hand even a little, who swore then – and believed – that they will always exist in the frame of your life… How can they be lost… Just stay like yellowed pictures on your soul album. The trampling of fate? The dust of time? The furrows? The storms? The rush to catch up with the one that never comes? How is it…

And the days go by, life rolls on, and all that's left is the smell of their touch following you. And a nostalgia that hurts you sweetly, something timid, where the sun paints the sea rose. Or some summer nights that won't let you fall asleep the scent of violet……

...... Have you thought, have you analyzed what's happening to us? Why do we feel each other's need so strongly? Have you ever noticed a pair of seagulls when they fly casually in the sky? They fly slowly, they approach each other's wings, they touch each other, they take a while to move away and again they come back next to each other and touch their wings. They fly casually… Nonchalantly… Definitely… It's like the sky is theirs. And it's their sky.

Do you doubt it? And we're the sky… Two souls, one with heavy baggage from the past and the other with borrowed uniforms and fake medals, meet to walk together on an undying path, on a turn of life…

excerpts from the book "In a Spin of Life" by Alkyoni Papadakis


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It’s barbaric.

Barbaric is the good “life” to be humiliated and abused… It’s barbaric to fight for the obvious. Barbaric is the unprecedented sense of young people

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