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White Ribbon Campaign

From the event we held at the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus “White Ribbon Campaign”.
We warmly thank the speakers who honored us with their presence warm congratulations to all, The Lawyer of Piraeus Christina Vathia, the coroner and A. Head of the Forensic Service of Piraeus Dr. Elias Boyoka, dr. George I. Karaboutaki, MSc, PhD, Psychiatrist – Psychotherapist, Vice President of the Hellenic American Psychiatric Society and Lawyer – Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Piraeus Naka Glyka -Harvalakou who coordinated the speech.
Thank you for their presence, mp I Piraeus and Islands Costas Katsafados, the Vice-Register of the Islands Panagiotis Hatzipero, the member of the European Commission and candidate MP Spyros Spyridon, the former Mayor of Perama lawyer Giannis Glykas, the former Municipal Councillor Giannis Spyrakis, the Curator of Art of the Piraeus Association George Druza, the founder of the Lyons Clubs in Greece Voula Sarantaris accompanied by the Vice-President Biopathologist Eleni Triantafyllou and the journalist member of the Club Lena Kolokytha , lawyer Grigoris Blaveris, from the Association of Women of Crete and aegean islands on G. C. Anna Daskalaki and No. public relations Mary Kydonakis – Dear, the board member of AGALIAZO Rena Dariotis, the entrepreneurs Andreas Daskalaki – Andrianopoulos, Vasilis & Alexia Savramis, as well as all those who honored us with their presence.
We thank the singer-pianist Thanos Olympian who traveled us musically as well as the excellent photographer Anna Maria Syorakis for the photo shoot.
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