The Daughters of Greece “THE DIVISION” Book Presentation

The new historical novel by the author Philomila Lapata which is the second of the trilogy The Daughters of Greece “THE DIVISION” is presented in Piraeus by our Group on Wednesday 27 February at 19:00 and we will be happy to have you with us.
The author Maria Panagopoulou Chardavella will speak about the book.
Excerpts will be read by actress Yro Mané.
The event will be framed musically:
Erofili (interpretation) and Nikos Kouros (piano)
Philomela Lapata, in her book, represents an Athens gravura of 1840-1875 in a self-contained, multifaceted, enjoyable and unpredictable novel about division: internal, political, erotic.
Existential reflections, moral dilemmas and the eternal struggle of good with evil around the concepts of identity, homeland and family.
Individual events that tie in with the central story, inventive plot and ghostly characters, flawed good and charismatic villains compose the second novel from the historical trilogy “THE DAUGHTERS OF GREECE”.
“Philomila Lapata was awarded two major awards in Italy, in 2005 with the “Citta di Bacoli” award (ancient Cuma) and in 2006 with the Premio Internazionale per la Cultura award “Sebetia-Ter””
We warmly thank our dear friend Lena Akkaiou for the hospitality at “ICHNOS”
The President
Nana Latsi
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