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From the Anniversary Tribute to the “GENOCΙDE OF THE GREEKS OF PONTUS”

Greetings were addressed:

Representing the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Piraeus, etc. Seraphim the Protosygellos Panosiologios Archimandrite p. Nyphon Kapoyiannis.

The Reverend First Elder and Head of the Holy Metropolitan Church, Saint Constantine & Helen p. Ioannis Panayiotou, the president of the “EXALEIPTRON” Group, N.Y., And the Vice-President of the Pamponian Federation of Southern Greece and the Islands, Christos Dimopoulos.

Performance of an Honorary Plaque to the “EXALEIPTRONGroup

and the historic Nice Choir (which this year marks its 60th birthday).

We warmly thank the Reverend First Elder. Ioannis Panagiotou and the Ecclesiastical Council for the performance of the Honorary Plaque which is a special honor and blessing for our Group.

Thank you, beloved actress Mathilde Mangira for presenting the event

Thank you for their participation in the series that appeared, the pianist Panagiotis Trochopoulos, the historian Stefanos Scarmintzos, the Ancient Armed Contingent of Leonidas, the central historical speaker and president of the Panhellenic Association of Pontian Teachers Dr. Antonis Pavlidis, the Dance Group S.PO.S. Southern Greece and the Islands in teaching Homer Pahatouridis & the musicians, Anestis Ioakemides in Pontian lyra and Pericles Katsiotis in dauli, the historical Nice Choir and the conductor – composer Michalis Kokkinis, the pianist Andreas Prionas as well as the soloists: Konstantina Thanopoulou, Nikos Andrianos and Stratos Tsemeli.

Thank you for their presence: the Vice-Register of the Islands Panagiotis Hatziperos, the Deputy Mayor Of Rana Harvalakou – Glyka, the Curator of Art of the Board of Directors of the Piraeus Association George Druzas, the Community Councillor Giannis Alifragakis, the Piraeus Association for the concession of the Baron Kimon Ralli Hall, the Pamponian Federation that held the event with its support.

The President

Nana Latsi

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