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Private tour of the Floating Museum "Neraida

From the private tour that took place “EXALEIPTRON” at the Floating Museum “Neraida” on Saturday, May 27th.

We thank the Board of Directors of the Ioannis S. Charitable Foundation. Latsi & the Board of Directors of the Floating Museum “Neraida” who responded to our Group’s proposal to participate the Fairy in the framework of “Sea Days 2017”, organized by the Municipality of Piraeus, as well as the Mayor Giannis Moralis and the Organizing Committee who embraced the Group’s initiative.

Also, all those who were close to us on the private tour : Tataropoulos Vasilis, Harvalakou Nena, Nikos Karvouna, Korina Laoulakou, Maria Longou, Spyros Zagaris, Jenny Arsenis, Sonia Theodoridou. Theodoros Orphanidis, Athena Kanellatou, Christoniko Giannir, Giannis Amorianos, Eleni & Giannis Study, Katerina Stathopoulou, Irene Marini, Papasotiriou Alexandros, Katia Gertsou, Kon/no Enian, Eleni Stathaki, etc.

Warm congratulations to the crew of the Fairy and especially to Captain Sarando Boudouris for the impeccable hospitality and tour.

From 24-30 May when the ship remained in Marina Zeas the visitors exceeded 1300 people.

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