Visiting the Museum of Cycladic Art

PRINCES of the Mediterranean at the dawn of history

Written by Nana Latsi

Today’s visit to the Museum of Cycladic Art, excited us all.

Let the member friends, who had already visited the Museum individually and encouraged us to visit it, be well.

It’s the nicest thing we’ve seen in recent years compared to museum exhibits.

The word princesses of the title is used here in the broadest sense, although among the exhibits there are also women from a royal generation.

Design representations of women who lived and acted, along with their accompanying burieds, after thousands of years left our imagination to give them flesh and blood.

Our priestesses-princesses-queens-witches-lords and despots traveled from Evia to Macedonia, from Italy to Cyprus and from Crete to Thessaloniki.

Rich personal items, gold and silver jewelry, precious accessories, grooming vessels, perons, earrings, necklaces, buckles as well as piercings.

Patterns with engraved decorations, eons and bronze mermaid faces.

Attic vessels, navel containers, boilers, cylinders, clothing accessories and of course Extracts, but in stone form with copper tripod base.

The exhibition takes the visitor to ancient times, creating feelings of awe and admiration. Leaving is hard to get the princesses out of your head.

The member friends who wanted to be exposed to the photographic lens

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