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Princesses of the Mediterranean at the Museum of Cycladic Art

The Group “EXALEIPTRON” in the context of its activities, on Sunday, April 14, 2013, will visit the Museum of Cycladic Art, where the exhibition “Princesses of the Mediterranean” is presented.

Friends wishing to participate are kindly requested to state this.

Princesses of the Mediterranean”

at the Museum of Cycladic Art

Entitled “Mediterranean Princesses at the Dawn of History: Interpretive Issues and Approaches to the Female Role in Early Iron Age Societies”, the exhibition is implemented by the Museum in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Directorate of Museums of Exhibitions and Educational Programmes.

But who were these women? Princesses, princesses, priestesses, healers or witches? Women with knowledge who have travelled from one region to another or locals who have received and adopted cultural elements of other societies?


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