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The Fifth Women’s Awards EXALEIPTRON 2018




Eight separate female personalities were awarded by the “EXALEIPTRON”, Piraeus Women’s Group for Arts, Letters, Culture, Sciences, at the fifth awards, WOMEN’S AWARDS “EXALEIPTRON” 2018.

The event took place on Monday, March 5, 2018 at 20:00, at the Palace of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Piraeus E.B.E.P.


To anyone who believes that Greece is finished, does not produce, does not try, does not excel, the answer lies in the names of these amazing women.
Anyone who does not know them does not know the enormous gift they offer to our country, but also to all mankind. Each of them is a great professional, but above all a great WOMAN.

Eight different personalities from eight different places but they have one thing in common: they prove with their work that compromise is not an option, on the contrary effort and perseverance is a one-way street.

The avenue of their lives was not paved with rose petals and they did not fail to remind all of us with their words, stressing that failure is also just a stop on the road to success.

However, as one listened to these women’s résumés, the awards, the distinctions, the honours they have embraced, only awe was possible.

They are women with talent, appetite, with almost divine powers, but who have worked, and continue to work hard. For their work, for us. They are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all, women and men, proving that there is no strong and weak sex.

On Monday, 8 ancient Caryatids were offered-rightly- at the hands of 8 modern Caryatids offered to honor them, but mainly to awaken every one out there who is in constant war with himself.

The Awards were dedicated to International Women’s Day.


The evening was presented by another special woman, the wonderful and beloved actress Matthildi Mangira.


The prizes were awarded to:

Eleni Antoniadou, Researcher at NASA’s National Aeronautics and Space Agency, received the Science Award. The prize was awarded by professor of Experimental Physiology of the Medical School of the University of Athens, Michalis Koutsilioris.

Lila De Chavez, Ambassador of Greek Culture abroad, Ethnologist, President of H&M Heritage & Museums, received the Culture Award. The award was awarded by the Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, Vice-Admiral Nikolaos Tsounis.

Nefeli Mousoura, unique and internationally rising Piano Soloist received the Music Award.The award was awarded by the Composer and Conductor, Michalis Economou.

Victoria Hislop, a world-renowned Writer, beloved for “The Island” and beyond, received the Literature Award. The prize was awarded by composer Minos Matsas.

Maria Filopoulou, international and distinguished Painter of contemporary painting, received the Visuals Award. The award was awarded by the Director of Visual Program of the B & M Theocharakis Foundation, Takis Mavrotas.


Dorothea Ioannou, Chief Commercial Director The American P&I Club, a leading shipping executive, received the Shipping Award. The prize was awarded by T. President & Executive Director of Thenamaris, Manolis Vordonis.


Olga Vasdeki, Olympic champion – World Champion of Athletics, received the Sports Award. The award was presented by Sports Journalist Giannis Theodorakopoulos.

Kalliopi Rodopoulou, who is lovingly active in the field of education, Managing Director of the AKMI Educational Group, received the Women’s Entrepreneurship Award. The award was awarded by the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Piraeus (E.B.E.P), Vasilis Korkidis.


The awards – statuettes – Caryatids was created exclusively for “EXALEIPTRON” and offered for free, as every year, the excellent Sculptor Dimitris Kostas.

The event was attended by: the representative of the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Piraeus, Mr. Serafim p. Vasilios, head of the Holy Church of Agios Spyridonas. Michael Maraygakis, Staff PA Military Office of the Presidency of the Republic, the Morphic Follower of the Embassy of Germany Monica Frank, the Member of Parliament for Piraeus Costas Katsafados, the Governor of the School of Naval Trials of Piraeus Rear Admiral Georgios Pelekanakis and the Vice-Commander of the S.N.D., Eleni Moutsitsou, Spyros Spyridon, member of the European Delegation to the European Committee of the Regions, the Vice-Register of the Islands Deputy Mayor Nana Harvalakou, The Executive Director of Culture and President of the Piraeus Maritime Club Irene Daifa, the citizens Petros Mougios and Eva Kambitsis, Danai Bezantaku Managing Director of Navigator Shipping Consultants LTD, the president of propeller club Giorgos Xiradakis,, Katerina Tzika member of the Olympic Committee, the president of the educational group AKMI Kon/nos Rodopoulos, the press officer of the Educational Group Agis Kasumi Kyriaki Rousakou , Vaso Sotiriou Public Relations & Communication, the founder of the Lions Club Hellen Keller Voula Sarantaris, the president of Amaryllis Niki Paximadaki Koldiris, the founder of the Association of Human People Vera Messini, the director Jenny Arsenis, Ioanna Vasilakis from Kallipateries, Panagiotis Dritsakos from the Philological Roof, the shipowner James Rigos, the fascion expert Konstantinos Kaspiris, Emilia Leonis and others.

Contact Sponsor: Piraeus Channel One 90.4

Sponsors: Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry –

AKMI Educational Group – KOUTROUMANOS PHOTO PRESS – NANTINA ATHENS – NDP Photo agency – Jewellery Joseph Vas. Vourakis – SKOURAS DOMAINE Olga Karaververis Fashion Designer – Hair Styling Panagiotis Keladitis – Amaryllis Flowers.







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