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Science Award – Eleni Antoniadou

Science Award – Eleni Antoniadou

What can one expect from a child who is enchanted by the stars, has unbridled imagination and loves biomedical sciences? Maybe one day he’ll cross the threshold of the labs at NASA, where there’s the inscription.

“These gates pass only the best scientists and engineers on planet Earth. From this point on, anything is possible.”

Anything is possible for Eleni Antoniados, a researcher in the interdisciplinary fields of Regenerative Medicine, and Bioastronautics, specializing in the regeneration of artificial organs from stem cells, as an alternative therapeutic route for transplants.

He has worked in hospitals and transplant centers in Greece, England and America on the creation of brain implants, artificial skin, muscles, ears, nerves, and esophagus, and has designed a range of bioreacies and tissue engineering tools, as well as created the world’s first amniotic fluid stem cell biobank.

She believes that regenerative medicine is an absolute necessity that will forever change the quality of life of all of us, but also the medical science itself.

During her postgraduate studies in Regenerative Medicine and Nanotechnology in England and then in Tissue Engineering and her studies in Management and Biomedical Business Administration in America, she was actively involved in volunteering and participated in medical missions in Latin America for the pharmaceutical care and surgical rehabilitation of victims of organ trafficking.

In her doctoral studies in Regenerative Medicine, she conducted experimental studies on the development of bio-nanobots as drug carriers for targeted cancer treatments and was admitted to nasa’s academy, where she studied space medicine and nanomedicine and designed the sampling rover for the Europa mission, on the satellite of the planet Jupiter.

He worked at NASA’s Mars Planet Exploration Laboratory conducting experiments on the effect of radioactivity on the central nervous system and human brain functions and on the creation of artificial feed from stem cells, and has taught biomedical experiments in the ranks of astronauts with a mission to the International Space Station.

In 2015, sharing her time between clinical research and health policy-making, she was elected President of the European Health Parliament in Brussels, where she introduced health policies to integrate innovative and innovative treatments into Europe’s health systems, while the Prevention and Care policy model won the award for the most in-depth guiding policy in parliament.

In 2016 he was appointed Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and has been appointed to the World Economic Forum’s Health Executive Committee where he introduced a new healthcare policy giving access to treatments to all based on a merit-based model of clinical benefits.

She has been distinguished as one of the 5 Global Leaders by the Tällberg Foundation for 2016, one of the 100 most powerful women from the BBC 100 Women Program, has taken the 3 position in health for the US since The Forbes 30-under-30, won the Laureate title for Cartier USA, and emerged as European Young Leaders 40-under-40.

It has won awards and scholarships for its research course and the business translation of therapies from the laboratory into clinical trials by NASA, the International Giuseppe Sciacca Research and Science Award at the Vatican and a number of institutions such as IKY, Fulbright, Biomedical Research Council, National Science Foundation, Levenis Foundation etc.

It is actively involved in the defence of women’s rights but also in the implementation of legislation on equal pay for work of equal value between men and women. She is an activist in the United Nations Women UN Women programme, and on the Everywoman network, and has been recognised as one of the Top 10 Champions for Equality and was voted Woman of the Year in 2013 and Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015 in Great Britain and in 2017 won the Women of the Year award for Science in Greece by Voter Beaute.

Her research career and actions have emerged from the international press, with Daily Telegraph UK including her in “Innovative Women Who Paved the Way to Future Generations”, Marie Claire Magazine in “8 Women Who Change the World”, Madame Figaro-France in “30 Most Important Women Under 30”, Wow Now Magazine portrayed in “15 Women Who Inspire Us” , Red Magazine UK in “3 Most Brilliant Women in England”, MedTech Boston in “Top 10 Women Who Change the Health Sector in America”, the Daily Toast in “6 Women Who Change Our Daily Lives”, and Womenonly.gr Magazine in “13 Women Who Inspire Our World”.

However, she firmly believes that the quality of our lives depends on the quality of our relationships (professionally and personally), on the people we choose to accompany us and fatally evolve each other, and that is why she tries to find time for her friends watching movies, cooking, parachuting and diving.


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