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Kalliopi Rodopoulou – Women’s Entrepreneurship Award

Women Entrepreneurship Award – Kalliopi Rodopoulou

Women entrepreneurship is a rising phenomenon all over the world and almost all relevant research emphasizes its importance for economic growth. But beyond that, there are women with vision, who dare, are active and create in areas that go far beyond the limits of simple business.

One such special female personality is Kalliopi Rodopoulou, who is active in one of the most difficult, sensitive, but also important areas of education and private education.

The impetus for her first business activity in the field of Pedagogical studies was given – what else – by her love for children. A love that harmonizes ideally with the object of her studies, namely Psychology.

In 1982, he created the first Private School of Teachers in Greece, PEVES AKMI. The Pedagogical Laboratory of Free Nursery Studies is, not coincidentally, the most important nucleus of the emergence of the first Nurses and Preschool Educators in Greece in the ‘80s.

Today, Kalliopi Rodopoulou is the CEO of IEK AKMI, the largest company in the field of post-secondary education in Greece and one of the 7 best schools in Europe with more than 13,000 students. With a presence in Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Larissa and Crete, IEK AKMI offers more than 100 specialties recognized by the Ministry of Education grouped in 12 fields of study.

Respectively, he performs the duties of Managing Director at the Metropolitan College, the largest and only College in Greece, a member of an international network of Universities with more than 5,000 students. With European standard facilities in Athens, Maroussi, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, the Metropolitan College offers more than 55 recognized Bachelors and Masters degree programs, in collaboration with leading UK Universities.

In unfavorable social and economic conditions, Kalliopi Rodopoulou has contributed to building an Educational Group that is constantly growing and creating new jobs while remaining true to the vision of providing pioneering educational services based on international standards.

In recognition of this course, in the context of the institution of Ernst and Young “Greek” Entrepreneur of the Year “2017, recently emerged as” Dynamically growing entrepreneur “, standing out for her innovative way of thinking, leadership skills and innovative spirit.

Kalliopi Rodopoulou has an intense social action, actively participating, among other things, in initiatives and actions to support the Hellenic Society for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities – ELEPAP.

She is married to Konstantinos Rodopoulos, President of the AKMI Educational Group, with whom they have three sons.


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