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Sports Award – Olga Vasdekis

Sports Award – Olga Vasdekis

Greek culture promoted sport as a means of practicing the body, cultivating the spirit, refining the soul and strengthening human relations, through a set of principles and values, i.e. those of noble emulation, equality and solidarity.


These ideals are best embodied in the face of a modern Greek woman, one of the most well-known and beloved figures of modern Greek Sport, with many important distinctions.

For the first 16 years, she spent it in her hometown of New York. Ionia Volos. Adoring sport as a child, she wanted athletics to win it, after her first participation in school competitions.

Her transfer to the Panhellenic Gymnastics Club and the president of Mr. Costas Papanastasiou, to whom she says she owes her course, was the beginning of her successful course.


The first distinction came at the Balkan Youth Games in 1992 in Istanbul, where she took 3rd place.

Shortly afterwards she became the first Greek woman to pass the 14 meters in the triple jump and took the ticket to the World Championships, but the state cut her off, on the grounds that she was quite young and had years ahead of her.

1996 was the landmark year, having established itself in the women’s category in the pan-European indoor championships, taking 3rd place with a jump of 14.30, while in the summer of that year it took 5th place in the Atlanta Olympics with a jump of 14.48.

In 1997 he made all of Greece proud by taking 1st place in the Mediterranean Games in Bari and only a year later the joy and pride more than doubled when he won first place and the gold medal at the Pan-European Games in Budapest.

It was the first gold medal for our country in the women’s triple jump. With this distinction he represented the Mixed Europe team at the World Intercontinental Cup in Johannesburg where it won all its opponents from the

other continents, again took 1st place.

Her performance, 14.64m. was a national record.

In 1999, despite suffering a serious injury, coupled with the psychological shock of losing her beloved grandmother, she managed with little preparation time to take 3rd place at the World Championships in Seville.


The sequel was met with unpleasant surprises for the champion, since she would have to overcome her human strength, or not fight due to surgery and the need for rehabilitation.

Despite adversity, he managed with superhuman efforts to occupy the 7th place at the Sydney Olympics and to reach the final of the World Championships in Paris with a very good performance, while in 2004 he took part in the Third of the Olympiad.

Six years after August 2012 the month of the Olympic Games came to life her daughter, Danai, the biggest and greatest medal of her life.



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