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The kiss in the cinema

They had once asked Michael Caine why he wanted to be an actor and he with disarming honesty replied: "So I can kiss beautiful women."… That's how, or rather a little more cunningly, director Alain Saba thought. In his film "Asterix and Cleopatra" he held the role of Julius Caesar himself, since he was the one kissing Monica Bellucci!

Angelina Jolie's approach was different when she declared that Ewan McGregor kisses better than Daniel Craig…

Cinematic kisses have made their own history. And millions may have been given, but relatively little has been left unforgettable to the filmmakers. Sometimes even the protagonists…

In earlier decades, when nudity was forbidden in the tabloid, kissing heroes in some films amounted to a sex act. Even today, however, when erotic scenes are something ordinary, kissing the protagonists is what moves and stays in the memory.

The importance of kissing of course we know it too, even if we have not kissed Michelle Pfeiffer or Catherine Zeta Jones, but our beloved (which is sometimes more attractive…).

And because Valentine's Day will be called to give our most beautiful kiss, "7" reminds us of some unforgettable cinematic kisses, with the expectation that ours will remain unforgettable…

The most famous and passionate kiss in the history of cinema is given by Bart Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in Fred Chineman's masterpiece "As Long as There Are People" ("From Here to Eternity"). That tough sergeant major of the U.S. Army and that neglected wife of his captain.

They fall in love at Pearl Harbor, a few days before the Japanese launch their "surprise" attack and their love is lost in the wreckage of the coming war. A love that was doomed anyway because of puritanism and the methods of an innocent age, but filled people with guilt…

EVERY MAN'S DREAM came true, Glenn Ford kissing Rita Hayworth in Charles Vidor's now mythical "Gilda." A role that marked and followed until her death the charming actress.

As she said, "men lie in bed with Gilda, but they wake up with Hayworth and leave."

In the film, the lead couple is divorced, but luck brings it back to meet in postwar Argentina. That adventurer who gets a job in a casino and that singer who marries his owner.

The most erotic and murderous kiss in the cinema is given by Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange in Bob Raffelson's film "The Postman Always Strikes Twice." And they weren't ying up to the kiss…

Legend has it that the two actors actually make love to the famous scene at the kitchen table! And then there was the lusty Lana Turner (she had also played the role) with the name… The story, pretty much known. That adventurer who can't resist the lures of his beautiful wife… Greek gas station owner, whom it is surprising why he married.

The most sensitive kiss Grace Kelly gives to Cary Grant in Alfred Hitchcock's "Hunt for the Thief." He saw it and Renier of Monaco (that's where the shooting took place), got jealous and with his princely aura convinced the beautiful actress to marry him. So he took it away from us from the big screen. Something we couldn't forgive him after death… One of the great director's most entertaining films with Grant a famous burglar trying to prove that he has retired from active duty, both to the police and to Grace Kelly, whom he falls in love with (of course), at first sight (of course…)

THE MOST TWO kisses (and not only…) in the more than 100 years of cinema are given by William Hart and Kathleen Turner in Lawrence Kasdan's top film noir "Expi" .

That lawyer who gets into the nets of a sensitive wife and convinces him to kill her husband. Eroticism, mystery, suspense and an Oscar finale with Kathleen Turner putting down all the famous femmes fatales of cinema. From Ava Gardner and Lana Turner to Sharon Stone and Linda Finorentino.

THE FIRST FORGET FRIEND IN THE SELOYD is given by Clark Gable and Vivian Lee in Victor Fleming's "What the Wind Takes."

The American Civil War, at the sight of the South (who loved their… blacks, like them, though slaves, their white bosses, according to the author Margaret Mitchell), stand the occasion to meet the aristocratic and spoiled Scarlett O'Hara and the adventurer Rhett Butler, but also the reason to break up. After all, after a war, let alone this one, nothing remains the same.

The protagonist's line Honestly, my dear I don't give a overshadows the even more famous of the protagonist Tomorrow dawns a new day.

One of the most touching kisses is given by Richard Gere and Debra Winger in Taylor Hackford's "Flying and Gentleman."

That poor kid who wants to be a Navy officer to change his fate. That poor but decent country girl who also wants to escape the misery of the town. They know each other, fall in love and dream despite the difficulties and obstacles they encounter. And in the end, viewers look for tissues… The film first named Gere and introduced us to the sweet Winger with the wonderful feeling voice.

THE FRIEND OF THE MOST FAMOUS LOVE STORY in 20th-century cinema is given by Humphrey Bogard and Ingrid Bergman in Michael Curtis's unsurpassed "Casablanca." It's their kiss in Paris, just before the war broke them up. And when they meet again in the African city, he, Rick, owns a nightclub, and she, Isla, the wife of a leader of the Resistance. A myth film whose lines accompany us to this day. Best known of all "to arrest the usual suspects"… And it's the only movie where a male friendship is born from a love story. And if the protagonists as they say "we will have Paris forever", we have the pleasure of seeing it and seeing it again and we thank the God of Hollywood for making the… Ronald Reagan to refuse the role!

source: Republish the article "Kiss me yet…" by Giorgos Tsedakis from "Eleftherotype"



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