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Churchill Arms, the best pub in the world?

In the 1800s, Winston Churchill’s grandparents were regular visitors.
Over the years, the pub has gained a huge reputation and is well known, not only for its magnificent exterior, as flowers pour out from everywhere, reminiscent of hanging gardens.

The Churchill Arms was built in 1750 and so is one of London’s oldest and most historic pubs.

The always cared for and flowered hanging pots create a nostalgic and beautiful image – a challenge for every passerby.

The interior decoration is dominated by historical memorabilia and photographs of famous regulars.

Churchill Arms is the first pub in London to offer Thai food. Indeed in the last 15 years at the back of the historic pub one can enjoy Thai specialties.

This evolution of the historic beer garden into a mixture of English pub and ethnic cuisine was a great success. After all, who said the English stuck to traditions?

A glass of Merlot or a frozen stellaartois on the one hand and curry flavors and Far East on the other create an explosive mixture. The warm personality and reputation of the pub make it, of course, difficult to find a table, since in addition to regular London regulars, it is also visited by tourists from all over the world, among them many famous.



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